Yummy Mummy vs Slummy Mummy: A Christmas Checklist

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The pressure is on, so much to do, panic panic…only a few weeks to go! I’m far from ready so I thought I’d write myself a list but I got diverted between my ‘wanna be a good parent’ mindset and the likely reality. So I’ve made two lists and they came out like this:

Checklist for the Super Yummy Mummy:

1. Book a food delivery slot early. You just wont believe how Ocado gets snapped up, my dear. Order the turkey with your posh butcher and get stirring that pudding.

2. Procure new bedding (check the thread count), candles and fluffy towels for your gorgeous spare room, launder and air, turn the mattress, ready for your darling mumsy-in-law.

3. Deck the halls – gather gorgeous foliage and ferns from the park (or your country home), spend days moulding them into wreaths and hangings, spray and seal for a perfect finish.

4. Order co-ordinating Christmas outfits for you and the kiddly-winks, hire a photographer and write the annual round robin to pop in your personalised card; regaling family and friends on how brilliantly you are all doing.

5. Book your three bestest friends in for a shopping spree to Bath/Cheltenham/Harrogate or the Spirit of Christmas in London. Leave time for champagne cocktails at the local ab fab hotel, the little one will be fine with the nanny/hubby – shopping is a serious business.

Checklist for the Super Slummy Mummy (AKA most of us busy, juggling parents):

1. Check out Cook Food’s amazing all-in Christmas dinner – sorted in one simple delivery which looks like you’ve been slogging round organic markets for weeks. (No guilt needed – they are good people and a fellow Certified B Corp).

2. Clear the junk out of the spare room to make space for the mother-in-law to reach the bed, mend those dangerous-to-sit-on wobbly chairs with gaffer tape and finally put those new (waiting two years) curtains up in lounge.

3. Too late/busy for Christmas cards, but not to worry; not sending must be environmentally friendly and I’ll drop a quid in the next charity box instead and pop a ‘Happy Xmas’ on Facebook.

4. Check the bottom drawer for items waiting to be re-gifted – you’ve probably forgotten a load stashed away. Then write a present list for anyone else you need to go shopping for.

5. Have you got outfits for all? Christmas jumpers or pretty frocks – where did you put the next size up bought in last January’s sales for the kids? Ah – great idea, I’ll use them as stocking fillers for my JoJo Giant Stocking  - at least one thing ticked off the list!

It’s such fun preparing for Christmas with a young family, so enjoy every minute and remember the children really don’t care or notice how perfect it is. What they want more than anything is time with a happy, relaxed parent who is not too busy or stressed to play with them. We must just stay focused on what’s important in life!

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