World Breastfeeding Week: Our Tips

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As you might know, it’s World Breastfeeding Week. From worldwide breastfeeding record attempts to breast milk banks in Panama, and public awareness programmes in India to breastfeeding fairs in Columbia, there is plenty going on to celebrate.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, but as many new mothers will testify, it can really be tough, especially during those first few weeks. At JoJo we’ve got a great selection of products to help ease the journey, so take a read of our advice and you might just discover something new.

Get out and about

It can be a daunting to breastfeed in public, but there are ways to feed your new baby discreetly. Muslin cloths are always handy to have around but an extra large size will double up as a cover, giving you and your little one privacy. One or two strategically placed multi-purpose clips will keep things securely in place so you can concentrate on your baby. If you’re looking for something a little more special then choose our Mamascarf breastfeeding scarf which is a breastfeeding scarf and fashion accessory rolled into one. It’s stylish and elegant, allowing you to wear it with your pre-pregnancy clothes and not have to splash out on lots of maternity tops. You’ll have the confidence to breastfeed in public, helping you to get out more – read the reviews to see just how invaluable it is to new mothers.
Support yourself

When you’re new to breastfeeding it can feel like you need two or three extra hands! A feeding pillow props your baby into the perfect position so you can concentrate on the latching-on. If you’re on a budget, choosing multi-use products is the key to spending less. Not only does our multi-purpose pillow support your back throughout pregnancy, it can be used after your baby arrives as a feeding cushion whether you’re breast or bottle feeding. And its uses don’t end there – as your baby grows, the doughnut shape will surround them, helping to support them as they learn to sit up.

Look after your ladies

Breastfeeding can really take its toll on your breasts so they’ll need some much-deserved TLC! If you’re suffering from sore or cracked nipples, a lanolin-based ointment can work wonders. Mama Mio Keep Calm Nipple Balm is a great example – lovely ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter help keep your nipples soothed and moisturised, and it’s safe for use when breastfeeding so you don’t need to remove it. You’ll experience some leakage too so make sure you’re stocked up on nursing pads. We love LilyPadz – reusable, silicon pads that adhere to your nipples, not your bra, meaning you can pop them on at night or any time you go braless. Get a confidence boost by treating yourself to some pretty nursing bras. These days, there are some really beautiful styles that look like a normal bra – making you feel a little more like you during those first few months. We love the Royce Lauren nursing bra and the Bravado Sublime nursing bra – proof that nursing underwear doesn’t have to be dull!
Dress up in style

You don’t need to spend a fortune on breastfeeding clothes when your baby arrives, but a few key pieces can make your wardrobe more functional. Our waterfall feeding cardigan is a great cover-up while nursing but will still look great as part of your regular wardrobe, as well as during your next pregnancy as a maternity piece. The Breton breastfeeding dress is a classic, and can be dressed up or down. The double layer allows easy access for discreet nursing, and it’s generously cut to allow you a bit of room while you get your shape back!

Let us know if you have any handy breastfeeding tips in the comment section below, we’re always looking for inspiration!

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