Why postnatal is the new antenatal

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lucinda-hutton nurturing-mumsToday’s guest blogger is Lucinda Hutton. Mum to Teddy. Owner of Nurturing Mums, popular, non-judgemental postnatal courses in London. Lawyer by trade. Lover of fizz.

You may have done an antenatal course, which I think can be great preparation for birth and a fantastic way to make some friends, but you didn’t realise that being a new mum could be so tough at times.  Here at Nurturing Mums we run popular, friendly, non-judgemental postnatal courses that help get mums through that new baby haze with confidence, knowledge & friends.

We think postnatal is the new antenatal, let us tell you WHY…

No one can prepare you – the moment you hold your newborn baby your world has suddenly changed in ways you couldn’t possible imagine.  Sleep deprivation combined with the responsibility of keeping another human being alive can be a challenge to say the least.  We are here with a welcoming smile, lots of coffee and practical sleep tips!

Taking control –  You may have read all the baby books, but unfortunately your baby hasn’t….  We are able to offer practical, tailored advice on sleep, weaning, first aid and baby development so that you can get back on top of whatever issues you might be facing with your new baby.

Gain confidence – It’s easy to lose ‘yourself’ as a new mum.  We go from women to mothers overnight and it’s a big identity shift. Gaining confidence as a new mum, but also taking some time out for YOU at our courses is what we’re all about.

Getting out – The hardest days are when your days start at 3am, you have done 6 hours ‘work’ before most people have got to the office. It’s easy on those days to want to stay at home in your pjs, but nothing is better than getting some fresh air & a whole new perspective on what has been a challenging start to the day. We offer a regular reason to get out of the house for 5 weeks & it’s nice to know there will be other new mums there in the same position.

Meeting like-minded mums – Being a new mum can be lonely at times, especially when you don’t get to speak to an adult for the majority of the day!  Speaking to other new mums who are also going through the ups and downs of being a new parent is really important. You can find your girl gang and your baby has some little companions too – win win!


Nurturing Mums courses offer 5 weeks of practical, expert advice on: sleep, weaning, baby development & first aid. Experts answer YOUR questions about YOUR own baby.  Meet your girl gang and chat, learn & relax with Nurturing Mums.

Courses run regularly in London & St Albans – see nurturingmumsuk.com for further details.

Instagram – @nurturingmums

Twitter – @nurturingmumsuk



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