What to pack in your hospital bag

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As the finish line approaches, you should start to prepare your hospital bag for you and your new baby. It’s a good idea to have it packed and ready to go by the front door a few weeks before – just in case the little one decides to put in an early appearance!

Every day we have customers coming into our stores asking for a list of what to include in their hospital bags, so we asked some JoJo mums which items they were especially glad they packed. We’ve also compiled a list of everything you could possibly need in your hospital bag which is available to download and print below.

“I would definitely recommend a swaddle for those those first few nights. Our baby struggled to sleep at first but as soon as she was swaddled she slept beautifully!” - Dilpa, London office
baby swaddle
“Make sure you pack a range of sizes for the baby. My boy didn’t fit in any new born outfits and needed 0-3 months!” - Sarah, Newport office
baby sleepsuits
“Definitely comfy PJs, slippers (hospitals have cold floors!) and things for a shower – that shower you have just after having the baby is amazing!” - Victoria, London office
maternity pyjamas

“What I found very practical at hospital and then afterwards were LilyPadz nursing pads, and the maternity & nursing sleep bras.” - Claudia, London office

“A must-have is disposable underwear; you cannot overestimate how many pairs you’ll go through! Also, don’t forget nursing vest tops.” - Roisin, Aberdeen store

Hospital Bag (pic 5)
“Take a supply of healthy snacks for your hospital bag. Childbirth will make you super hungry! We brought some grapes to keep me going. – Caroline, Newport office

Hospital Bag (pic 6)

Download our handy list to help you prepare your hospital bag ready for the new arrival:
Hospital Bag checklist

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