Twenty Years and Still Going

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It’s just a year like any other but reaching 20 years in business is quite a milestone. People often ask if I ever dreamed that we could get so big. But when you start a fashion company from your kitchen table your ambitions are pretty realistic; design, sell, deliver, balance the books.  It was survival, with my main ambition to take on every challenge as best I could with very little capital. All I wanted was to be proud of our designs and service and to be able to offer our growing teams a decent work environment, salary and work life balance.

The funny thing is that our aim today is exactly the same, it’s just we call an ambition a target and can add no end of corporate terms if we like (which I don’t really), but let’s give it a go:  Our mission is to designs great collections and innovative products with customer appeal, market them efficiently to our target demographic groups across the world, ensure we offer exemplary service via efficient operations and logistics systems  and repeat the whole process the next season whilst managing cash flow forecasting, EBITDA and currency hedging all within the confines of employment and fiscal laws.

JoJo Maman Bebe Newbury

20th Birthday Directors' Dash: Laura pays our lovely Newbury store a visit

Or we could just say – here at JoJo we started off trying our best and we are still trying.  Life is never easy, especially when a freezing spring keeps everyone indoors, but we stay cheerful and positive, keep on smiling and work as a team to offer what our customers want and need during the most exciting times of their lives.  Who could fail to enjoy running a mother and baby brand?

It’s been a long 20 years with plenty of sleepless nights but I’m SO proud of what our teams have achieved. From such a humble start … to where we are today and where we plan to go. Nobody sane could have ever dreamt this would happen.

So a Huge and humble thank you to our wonderful board with nearly 80 years at JoJo between us and to our  loyal team in order of longevity (starting 20 years ago with just myself, Harriet and Barbara).

You are totally brilliant: Harriet, Barbara, Gail, Anne-Marie, Mel, Sandra, Cath A, Gavin, Hilary, Karen F, Jo E, Beth, Russ, Lynda, Gareth, Christine P, Carol M, Jane B, Kath P, Arron, Agnes, Layla, Leanne, Karen H, Stephen, Cathy, Cheryl, Cath F, Will, Judith, Sughreea, Stefan, Maria, Emma B, Bella, Suzanne, Ian T, Sam, Jo B, Jen G, Sam M, Melodee, Kate B, Ashleigh, Barbara H, Wendy, Clare C, Amy, Glenys, Graham, Helen, Karen B, Donna, Lee, Geoffroy, Clare B, Jason, Gemma, Agneta, Mel H, Nic D, Carl, Sian, Rance, Judith, Rasa, Janet, Jo J, Shelby, Vanda, Julia, Jo W, Lynne, Chris K, Dagmara, Christine G, Becky R, Sue M, Steph, Suzie, David, Brede, Jennine, Nicola R, Louise J, Emily G, Keira, Nichola C, Lisa, Nicola G, Natalie, Tracey, Claudia, Angelica, John B, Kasia,  Yvonne, Sam K, Joanna D, Doreen, Haleh, Georgina, Rhona, Sally, Lynette, Maria P, Chamairy, Tasha, Caroline D, Caroline N, Sandy, Vicky A, Cheryl, Sophia, Ian B, Samantha V, Katie D, John R, Rachel A, Rosie, Paul, Kate T, Sarah M, Ursyn, Niki V, Adam, Suzannah, Toni, Emma H, Fiona, Gemma H, Martin, Chloe, Hannah G, Victoria R, James,  Dean, Alexandra, Alice T, Simon, Amy M, Sunny, Ann M, Jo P, Craig, Siobhan, Lisa DMF, Lianne M, Peter, Linda E, Cherie, Sarah Mc, Will C, Alice S, Simin, Phil, Anna, David, Sherelle, Rytis, Rob C, Janos, Dave W, Charlotte, Maggie, Holly T,  Chloe M, Annette, Colin, Rachel, Jill, Kim, Ann B, Danielle, Claire W, Rob P, Berta, Kate K, Maria, Caroline N, Margalit, Geri, Hollie H, Rob, Susan, Craig, Nicola M-B, Louise B, Barbara D, Michelle H, Claire S, Pelcy, Charlotte H, Jannel, Charlotte C, Shelley, Emily, Dilpa, Becky T, Susannah, Louise P, Natasha, Ella, Lauren, Kathy C, Leanne S, Kaye, Victoria F, Laura C, Tom B, Paulina, Mark J, Nikki W-O, Emma S, Ruth, Agnes, Rachel P, Tanya, Emma G, Tara, Catherine F, Karen A, Nikki P, Justyna, Sara, Esther, Carol A, Verity, Lindsey, Alex A, Laura F, Eva, Lacelle, Margi, Zansika, Hayley, Sila, Eman, Grace, Kirsty, Gita, Sharon, Fernanda, Diane R, Simas, Caroline P, Yesim, Ella, Bev B, Emma D, Sarah W, Rebecca M, Leighton, Helen M-S, Sarah H, Alice F, Laszlo, Stephen T, Jayde, Charlotte R, Stephanie M, Nerissa, Sukyee, Mark S, Sammy-Jo, Emily A, Amanda C, Natalie O, Charlotte C, Julie, Kim L, Chrissie, Carly R, Carly S, Lauren W, Mo, Jessica, Caroline B, Chris P, Glynis, Leah, Dora, Megan, Lauren A, Frances, Murah, Daniel, Naomi, Kate M, Suzanne, Sam A, Natalie L, Hannah L, Scott, Amber, Egle, Ross, Sandra G, Wendy H, Sarah T, Frances W, Deborah, Emma L, Eleanor, Sam T, Shelley M, Emma H, Ella B, Sarah W, Hannah R, Lisa M-B, Hayley, Rachel J, Gabrielle H-S, Lucy, Tom H, Phoebe, Laura P, Sarah F, Rebecca H, Anton, Stacey, Tricia, Stephanie R, Matthew, Jodian, Paul B, Marta S, Emma T, Jane R, Georgiana, Charlotte G, Neil, Kirsty T, Siobhan P, Terri, Kristofer, Katherine N, Victoria S, Judine, Libby, Amanda S, Melissa, Keeley, Gaby, Michelle R, Tamara, Georgina, Shirley, Kelly M, Alison P, Kate B, Agata, Danielle, Amina, Natalie D, Donna C, Annie N, Claire D, Kimberley T, Jane E, Meg, Leoni, Linda H, Heather, Petrina, Nicci B, Amy O, Claudia M, Cheryl H, Linda R, Maria P, Celena, Priscilla, Rachel Mc, Lisa C, Amy M, Emily T, Magi B, Claire T, Marketa, Stella, Natalie D, Eimear, Sandra H, Tara, Meg M, Catherine Mc, Jo F, Samia, Nicole, Tara E, Lee, Amy C, Lucie, Katie B, Claire C, Carol P, Greg, Jessica S, Verity G, Aliesha, Hilena, Amy F, Josephine, Claire B, Angela, Susan P, Jade T, Nakita, Louise M, Ashika, Jodie B, Jennie, Lizzie, Abby, Leann, Andrea F, Zena, Celia, Leigh, Charlotte H, Souad, Elizabeth D, Nichola D, Bassmah, Martin I, Victoria D, Fiona, Victoria B-D, Elwira, Jan, Lynden, Alec, Craig, Stephen F, Christa, Ako, Alysha, Fiona O’T, Sharon D, Chantelle, Demelza, Sylwia, Brenda, Lara, Kate G, Laura S, Sadie, Ruth M, Simon P, Trevor, Fiona A, Sharon A, Ashleigh B, Holly W, Sue M, Grace O’D, Jo T, Jane W, Shelley F, Amanda H, Sarah S, Emma L, Roisin, Daniela, Sadie M, Caitlin, Marena, Sally H, Maria D, Sol, Hepzi, Tania W, Niamh, Maria F, Marta A-C, Yasmin K, Natasha C, Lucy E and last but not least our latest recruit …. Hannah W!

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6 comments for “Twenty Years and Still Going

  1. 17/04/2013 at 2:49 pm

    we are a nursery store,selling big box baby items,both online and instore,i can relate to this story 100%,its very hard in a ever changing world,you work in building such a great company is a credit to you and your staff,

    David Kirkham

  2. Rachel J
    17/04/2013 at 5:52 pm

    I would just like to say, Laura, that Jojo is the best company i have ever worked for. Yes, i’m only 18 and yes, i’ve only been working for Jojo Maman Bebe (Chester) for nearly 1 year now, but i have the best relationship with both Manager and staff and our lovely Jojo customers. Instilling trust, confidence and lots of laughter into our relationships. There is nothing i don’t love about my job as a Customer Advisor and for that i am very grateful and lucky. I can’t ever imagine a time when i won’t love my job, thank you for allowing me to enjoy the beginning of a career & the best thing since jam on toast! :-)

  3. Bev blatch
    17/04/2013 at 11:48 pm

    How lovely for all members of the JoJo team to get a mention – that is what makes working for Jojo different to other company’s I have worked for – and as you say Laura – its a lovely enviroment to work in every day, where many of our customers become friends – here’s to the next 20 years :)

  4. Carly R
    19/04/2013 at 3:57 pm

    I can hands down say that Jojo is by far the best company i have worked for!
    The amount of development and support within the company is fantastic and i think alot of other companies should take note! :) Will continue to love working here at Jojo for many years to come!

  5. 22/04/2013 at 6:06 am

    in my 32 years of retail franchise development and management and business consulting both in the UK and abroad having worked with 100s of brands and brand owners, It is very rare for me to remember my first meeting with a potential client…I met Laura some 8 years ago in her office in Clapham and I even remember the colour of Laura’s office wall. An awesome, clear thinker, focused, caring, ethical, hard working and dedicated entrepreneur, so proud of her team and her two lovely sons!!! . I have many friends who are shoppers at your stores… it seems Laura you have managed to transfer the above qualities in every single store visited by my friends…

    I am so delighted to hear of your achievement at jo Jo Maman Bebe… may you long last and flourish more and teach some other retailers that showing care for your staff and customers are equally as important as the 000 in front of the profit figures on the bottom of your balance sheet!! Farrah xxx

  6. Claudia
    27/04/2013 at 5:22 am

    What a nice surprise to see that each and all of us employees at JoJo got mentioned! It is something you don’t see everyday and recognise that somehow everybody in its on little or big way contribute to this to happened says a lot of JoJo and Laura. It is indeed a very nice place to work and this makes a big difference, difference that I also as a new mum can see reflected when chatting among other mums and see that JoJo is very well recognised and prefer when it comes to its clothes and nice environment. I am very happy to be part of it!

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