Trying not to lose it

The other day I lost Arthur’s coat – it was a mild day and I had slung it over my bag as we walked back from the park, which means it probably fell off somewhere en route. I do hope some lovely little boy is wearing it now rather than it lying in a gutter somewhere, ripped apart by foxes.

I was quite traumatised about this, not only for being such an idiot, but because I loved it and – even though he will grow out of it soon – wanted to keep it. This applies to most things he out grows but I suppose that will start getting ridiculous…

Unfortunately this isn’t the first thing of Arthur’s I’ve lost. As soon as he got his first pair of shoes one fell off his foot when I was getting him out of the car, except I didn’t realise this until the next day after searching high and low for it.

I think he must have undone his shoe when he was in the car seat and the funny thing was he knew about it as every time I asked him where his shoe was he would say “uh-oh”!

I also managed to lose his spare security blanket, called Cuddles, as I didn’t keep a close enough eye on it when I was shopping once. I discovered it was missing on the tube journey home and simply couldn’t face re-tracing my steps.

I actually thought I could just replace it, but while the two had worked on rotation perfectly well before, the new one, although identical, he completely rejected.

Needless to say I have eyes like a hawk on the one remaining Cuddles now.

Then there are the things that Arthur manages to lose for us. About three weeks ago he toddled off with the brush for our dust pan and it has never been seen since.

My husband’s wallet was missing for an entire weekend before we found it in a secret compartment of one of his trucks.

And I have no idea where half my make up bag has got to…

I try to be organised and on the ball but it’s hard work. When I was a child I was really good at losing things – my purse mainly, or forgetting to pack my costume after swimming.

However as I got older I trained myself to keep checking I had stuff with me, purse, keys etc, even when three sheets to the wind.

However it’s another matter now I have a whole load of extra stuff to keep an eye on.

Although I am definitely past the new mum excuse, I am going to continue to blame a lack of sleep as I obviously don’t get anywhere near as much as I used to – or need.

But what I probably should do is stop making excuses and learn to be better organised. Life is undoubtedly only going to get more complicated as Arthur gets older, with all the extra activities that comes with the territory.

That and hope that he has a good memory, but with parents like his he doesn’t stand much chance poor thing

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  1. 23/04/2012 at 8:25 pm

    Theo ‘helpfully’ packed all the suitcase padlocks and keys into my suitcase when we were getting ready to go on holiday over the Easter break. I only realised they were missing when I wanted to lock up. It took a lot of hunting round the house before he finally told me where they were!

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