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Ever Earth Ramp Racer – Instant hit!

This toy was beautifully packaged in recycled board and I loved that there wasn’t tonnes of excess packaging or plastic ties to work through to get the product out, especially with two expectant boys eagerly waiting to see it.

Once out of the packaging the Ramp Racer is ready to go, no setting up is needed. This is a real plus.

The boys chose 2 cars each, without any arguments, and after a couple of initial jams they soon got the hang of it. You put the car at the top of the ramp and they slide down, gathering pace to the bottom. They loved the clickety clack sound the cars made as they changed direction and there were lots of giggles as the cars got faster. Seb kept shouting ‘hooray!’ as the cars reached the bottom.




The Ramp Racer kept the boys occupied for about 10 minutes and they have gone back to play with it lots of times since. Amazingly (for my two!) there was no squabbling and some really lovely turn taking. The best thing was that whilst they were waiting their turn they were entertained by the other’s cars which stopped them getting bored or whingey that they wanted a go.

Once they had had enough of the ramp, they pushed the cars along the floor and played for a further 10 minutes.

A really, simple and classic toy that has entertained the boys many times and has taught them to take turns with minimal squabbling. A really good value toy that looks expensive!


The Maxi Cooker – Fabulous! Entertained for hours

The product looked great on the packaging so we were all really eager to get it out and play with it.

It took my husband about 20 minutes to fully assemble the kitchen, it comes flat packed but is really simple to construct and even comes with an Alan key so you don’t have to search around in the shed for the right screwdriver. The boys loved opening all the accessory packs whilst waiting for the kitchen to be built and even started pretending to cook on the sofa.

The design of the kitchen is beautiful – really lovely and traditional and great unisex colours.  The wooden clock is a nice addition too, especially as we are working on numbers with both boys. I really like the fact that it sits nicely in the dining room without making the room look full of toys and I am happy for it to stay there permanently and they can use it whilst I am really cooking in the kitchen!

They played with it for ages (and go back to it time and time again). It was really lovely listening to their conversations, asking each other questions and pretending to cook and wash up. Is there anything cuter than a 2 year old using a pretend oven glove (even if it is to get poor Horsey out of the oven!).



The Storage cupboard is great for putting things in and they both loved putting things in and out of the oven and ‘washing’ things up in the bowl and pretending to turn on the tap.

The pans are lovely, made from wood, they are a nice weight and do not clatter around too much, unlike the lightweight aluminium ones you can get. There were a couple of arguments over the fried egg but there were plenty of other things that distracted them and the squabbles were shortlived. There was room for both to work around the kitchen too.

We all thought this toy was fantastic. Looks great and relies heavily on imagination and role play which I really love. The design is beautiful and can be further accessorised with additional play food, utensils, aprons etc (although it did already come with some pans and spoons etc).

This would really make a special present for someone and I guarantee they would love it and entertain them for hours! Well worth the price.

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