Top Tips For Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

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Giving Birth Should & Can Be An Amazing Experience
When you feel in control you are better able to mentally manage the stages of labour. Even if special
circumstances mean you need medical assistance, by being a part of the decision making process,
you retain an element of control whilst understanding the importance of necessary medical help.

Banish Negativity!
It is not enough to believe that giving birth is ‘just something to get through’. You need to believe
that your bodies know how to labour and birth and your baby or babies know how to be born. Swap all the negative words for positive words and it will make a difference.

Negative Positive
Scared Confident
Painful Manageable
Frightened Calm
Fearful Excited

Based on the work of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, if we become scared we have the innate ability to trigger
the fight or flight reflex switching from the birthing state into the survival state. This will unsettled
the birth hormones exacerbating fear which causes tension which may lead to unnecessary levels of

Affirmations are brief yet hugely positive sentences. For example, ‘I love being pregnant and I’m
feeling wonderful.’ One of my favourites is ‘You can do anything for a minute’. This is a very
powerful statement if we think about it using the context of the length of surges. Why don’t you
write your own 10 affirmations and repeat them out loud to yourself every day.

If you feel relaxed about going into labour then when that day arrives and your body begins to surge
you are immediately giving your body a head start because your mind will be relaxed and you will
feel in control. This means the body can get on with releasing the birth hormones that must be
present in order to sustain and manage the labour, especially oxytocin and endorphins.

Recommended Reading

  • Childbirth Without Fear – Grantly Dick-Read
  • Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering – Sarah Buckley
  • Birth Reborn – Michel Odent


As a natural childbirth consultant, Sarah helps expecting women and their partners make informed
choices about their pregnancy and birth. Sarah teaches Hypnobirthing, lectures about normal birth
and founded Baby-Birth – an international website all about pregnancy, birth and the immediate
postnatal period –

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