Tips on how to Throw the Perfect Baby Shower

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baby showerIf you’re expecting a baby, or are close to someone who is, you may well be considering throwing a baby shower. Although seen as an American custom, baby showers are becoming more and more popular in the UK – giving mums-to-be one last chance to celebrate with their nearest and dearest before the baby arrives. If you are thinking about throwing a baby shower, but have no idea where to start or what it should entail, then read on…

Choose a theme
Having a theme is useful as it is helps give you rough guidelines to plan the party around. It’ll help you make decisions on stationery, food and decorations. The theme doesn’t have to be overly complicated – a simple colour theme works well. If you’re feeling a little more creative, plan the baby shower around a children’s story, a season or a hobby – the options are endless!

Activity ideas
Depending on your budget and party size, you’ll want to arrange some fun activities. If lots of the guests don’t know each other, it’s definitely worth organising some icebreakers. Play some games and don’t take it too seriously – encourage everyone to have a giggle and loosen up. Take it a step further and create something special – buy plain baby T-shirts, some non-toxic art supplies and have everybody decorate their own – you’ll have something practical for your baby that’s unique and memorable.

What about gifts?
Some mums-to-be would prefer not to receive gifts before the baby’s birth so if you’re hosting a baby shower on behalf of a friend, make sure you check before. When the new baby arrives, he or she will undoubtedly receive lots of goodies from friends and family, so a baby shower is a perfect time to focus on Mum. Consider some indulgent treats like bath products or candles so she can pamper herself before her baby makes an appearance.

Make it memorable
Keep the memory of this special day alive by having your guests record messages and advice. Buy a nice guestbook and keep a Polaroid camera next to it – ask guests to take a selfie and stick it onto a page along with any pearls of wisdom they have to offer. This is lovely to have and you’ll look back on it for years to come with the fondest memories.

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