Tips for throwing a baby shower

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With baby showers already huge in the US and gaining more and more popularity across the UK, you might be considering your own. A baby shower gives you a brilliant excuse to get all of your loved ones together before the baby arrives. Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for our best hints and tips. If you’re not pregnant yourself but are attending a baby shower, don’t forget we’ve rounded up all our favourite new baby gifts – if you need a little inspiration, you can check those out here.

The inivitations
guest list
Although etiquette says organising your own baby shower is a no-no, this rule is fast becoming outdated. Not only does it mean you take out the potential awkwardness of waiting for someone to offer to do it for you, it also allows you to organise the party the way you want it. However if you are lucky enough to have a friend or relative keen to organise your baby shower, don’t be afraid to give them your input. Either way, you will need to decide who to invite (traditionally you would only invite female guests but these days it’s completely acceptable to have a mixed guest list). Much like any special occasion, it might be tempting to invite everyone in your address book but keep in mind budget and space restrictions. Remember, it’s your day so only invite those you genuinely want there, especially if you are trying to stick to a tight budget.

The location
baby shower location
Once you have an idea of numbers, it’s time to think about location. It’s completely up to you whether you host your baby shower at your own home, someone’s else’s or somewhere public. If you have enough space, having a baby shower at home makes the day extra personal, and helps keep costs down. Remember to keep in mind things like parking, giving guests a heads-up if there is limited space.

Create a gift list
baby shower gift list
A baby shower gift list won’t be for everyone, but it’s a way of ensuring you receive only things you want or need, and your guests will appreciate the guidance. Just keep in mind that some guests will prefer to buy a gift after the baby arrives. A bit like a wedding registry, there are many baby shower gift list providers online which are simple to set up. On the other hand, if you’d rather not receive any gifts, then let your guests know in advance.

Organise some games

Of course, games are optional but they are always lots of fun and help break the ice between guests who may not know each other. We’ve collected up lots of ideas on our Pinterest board, but our favourite has to be the baby predictions game. Download and print your exclusive JoJo prediction cards here for an extra cute touch.
baby shower prediction cards

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