Things I Wish I’d Known: Shobna Gulati

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Actress, dancer and writer Shobna Gulati writes about the things she wish she knew before motherhood. Find out more in the book Things I Wish I’d Known edited by Victoria Young, featuring plenty more brilliantly entertaining contributions from Emma Freud, Bryony Gordon, Adele Parks and many more.


  1. Piles
  2. That boy babies wee in your face and laugh! Usually just after you’ve changed their nappy.
  3. That you need an engineering degree – car seats, buggies, breast pumps, baby monitors, cots and child-proof doors (how do you open them?) are all a nightmare.
  4. That toddlers really do toddle… (I know, what was I thinking?)
  5. That when breastfeeding you look and smell like a dairy cow and milk can just come in at any point without warning.
  6. That it’s impossible to wear a sari and keep it either on or clean when you have a child.
  7. That you stop seeing your vagina or anything to do with your ‘downstairs’ after you are six months pregnant and you only realise you  have one again while you are giving birth.
  8. All the answers to the question: “Why?”
  9. That dangly earrings may make you look like an earth mother, but they are not practical.
  10. That you lose your fear of spiders and all things creepy-crawly


What are the things you wish you’d known before becoming a mother? Leave us a comment below or join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #ThingsIWishIdKnown.

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Photo credit: “Write by the Quays judge Shobna Gulati” by University of Salford Press Office is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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