Things I Wish I’d Known: Emma Freud

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Broadcaster Emma Freud writes about the things she wishes she knew before motherhood. Find out more in the book Things I Wish I’d Known edited by Victoria Young, featuring plenty more brilliantly entertaining contributions from Jenny Colgan, Shobna Gulati, Adele Parks and many more.emma freud

5 things I wish I’d known…

1. Get a Hippychick seat. They are like reinforced bum-bags worn around your waist and your baby uses it as a hip seat from 3-18 months. I can’t lie to you, it looks a bit weird, but it will totally protect your back and save you hundreds of pounds in osteopath bills later on. Promise.

2. Top drug advice: if your baby is poorly and paracetamol isn’t cutting it, you are allowed to use both Calpol and ibuprofen if you need to, as long as you don’t give them at the same time. Give the normal amount of Calpol, and two hours later give the normal amount of ibuprofen, then two hours later give the normal amount of Calpol again and so on until the worst is over. You can check the NHS website for more details.

3. The better the TV programme, the more likely the child in your arms is to puke.

4. However much people may seem interested in your baby, they aren’t really, they’re just being nice. Try not to bore your friends with baby progress – put it on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook so you feel you’ve shared it, and then keep quiet.

5. And finally, trust your instincts. Actually, deep down, when everything else gets stripped away, you know how to do it and you know what is logical and right for your child. In my view, make sure all roads point to the quality of kindness. Not much else really matters. Good luck, and look after yourself.

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