The wonderful world of weaning

Weaning is a big deal, there’s no doubt about it. It’s the first time you have to really think about what you’re putting in your baby that doesn’t involve a bottle or a boob.

Having said that, it really isn’t worth getting too stressed about it – and I mean this from experience.

At first I found it difficult, mainly because I had so much else going on in the lead up to it that I wasn’t very prepared. It can also be a stage that hits you before you know it, while you still haven’t found your feet, and that can be hard.

So that is why JoJo have made this lovely weaning essentials video for you to sit back and take in, when you get a spare three minutes.

Easy Peasy Weaning

It aims to give you a relaxing look at the basic equipment you will need – all designed to make weaning easier for you, as well as hopefully instilling some confidence.

I wish I’d seen this before I started weaning. I could have done with some tips on batch freezing, investing in a floor mat and stocking up on a plentiful supply of spoons as, believe me, a pack of three is not enough.

I did however get my hands on an Annabel Karmel recipe book. Her name is synonymous with weaning and you hear it a lot when you know as many mums as I do, or read as many baby magazines etc. I found it invaluable. You can buy a copy here actually!

It is hard work and can be really messy but what I loved about it was the truly nurturing motherly qualities that it brings out in you. It’s the first time you feel what it’s like to be a parent putting food on the table, or being responsible for igniting your babies taste buds and developing a healthy relationship with food.

But even though responsibility is certainly significant – it really isn’t worth getting too stressed about it or putting too much pressure on yourself. The journey your baby is on when it comes to food is a long and bumpy one, so it can be a good idea to look ahead a bit, rather than get too bogged down in it all at this stage.

Having gone through it I can honestly say that a year on, it seems like a distant drop in the ocean. Now he’s a toddler, the challenge of trying to feed Arthur is one in which he will eat pretty much anything when he feels like it, but doesn’t seem to feel like it very often…

He was very good when I weaned him though, and I wish I’d enjoyed that more looking back. The trouble was at the time I was unsure about whether I was doing the right thing by giving him purees…

You see, a few of my friends were doing baby-led weaning where you allow your baby to feed themselves and decide when they’re ready to eat.  It seemed like an interesting concept, but one I have to admit I didn’t really get – and still don’t.

Their mantra was that it doesn’t work for everyone, which I was a bit uncomfortable with because I didn’t know whether I fitted into that category or not – or how you ever find out..

However, I did realise that on balance I was more comfortable with the ‘get it down them’ approach. Still, I could have done without having any other options, or doing any soul searching during this time to be honest.

Now that it is in the past though, it all seems quite irrelevant. I’ve noticed that children seem to decide what to eat based on their mood, general health or concentration-span rather than anything else.

So your young baby probably doesn’t really care one way or the other, as long as it’s getting fed! I would love to know what other mums think though.

If you’re just about to start weaning good luck, I hope this helps and please let us know how it’s going.

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