Shoes for Little Syrians: An Update

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Last Sunday, we closed our shoe collection for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The collection has been amazing, and so many of our customers have been extremely generous and helpful. We have processed over 6,100 pairs of shoes (with hundreds more still to get through), making the campaign a huge success.

The hard job now starts:

Our stores have started sending the donated shoes to our warehouse in Newport, where each pair must be assigned with export commodity codes. The paperwork is extremely complicated and requires us to describe each pair of shoes in detail – which is why we asked you to donate the shoes in clear plastic bags – it makes recording colour and size etc. much easier!

We have booked a 40′ shipping container to take the shoes to Beirut, where it will then be transferred to a warehouse and our three partner charities will send teams to meet our man on the ground.

The shoes will then be taken to the boys and girls whose lives have been turned upside down by the horrendous war in Syria. With the days getting colder and winter fast approaching, the shoes will make things a little bit more bearable for these innocent children.

We will keep you updated with photos and news at the other end, but for now, a HUGE thank you to all those who made the first part of our appeal such a massive success. Without all our amazing customers, this would not be happening!

Love from all of us at JoJo xx

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