New mum survival guide

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All first time mothers find the early weeks the hardest to get through. We have gathered some advice from our own JoJo mums to help you prepare for your new arrival. Hopefully you will find some nuggets of advice to help you enjoy this precious time.

“Prepare batches of pre-cooked meals to freeze before your due date. This way when you arrive home with you baby you have lots of yummy home-cooked food ready to pull out of the freezer and no cooking to do – Leaving you time to rest and focus on your newborn, whilst still eating well.” - Caroline, Newport
New Mum (pic 1)
“NCT Classes were amazing! New mums should try to find their local class at about 20 weeks. They gave lots of support prior, during and after pregnancy & four years on I’m still friends with mums I met there.” - Sarah, Newport
New Mum (pic 2)
“A little tip I found useful as a new mum when breastfeeding my children: To help you remember which side to start feeding on next feed (not as easy as it sounds when sleep deprived!!) is to either leave your feeding bra unhooked slightly on the last side you fed or simply keep a hair bobble on your wrist and swap it accordingly. Simple but saved my sanity in the fog of the first few weeks when trying to establish breastfeeding.” - Melissa, Newport
New Mum (pic 3)
“BE PREPARED FOR EXPLODING NAPPIES. You may ask “What’s that?!” Don’t worry, the first time it happens you will know. Newborns have an amazing capacity to make the most enormous very runny poos and having plenty of spare body suits, sleepsuits and tights is essential. You will almost certainly not buy enough and need to do a mad dash to buy some more. Also, never leave home without a mini changing mat, spare nappies & wet wipes in a little JoJo carry case. Little ones don’t often give too much warning!” - Laura T, JoJo founder
New Mum (pic 5)
“My top tip for new mums would be: sleep when the baby sleeps. The Ewan the Sheep was essential for me! The white noise really calmed both my children.” – Sarah, Newport
New Mum (pic 4)
“Wear a muslin for a few hours, when it’s time to pop the baby down, tie the muslin to the cot, your scent will have transferred to the cloth, and your baby will be soothed by believing you’re still there. Another tip, don’t be afraid to ask a JoJo team member any question, we’ve usually been asked before, if we don’t know we’ll find out, and we don’t shock easily!” – Jill, Area Manager
New Mum (pic 6)
“Don’t put pressure on yourself, you are not superwoman and can only do so much! When the baby sleeps, try to sleep too or at least take a break even if it’s just for a bath or a cup of tea and a biscuit. Also enjoy your baby, they are not babies for long and time goes so quickly being a mum. Get out if you can, being in all the time and staring at the same four walls is not healthy.” – Debbie, Reigate Store

“The best advice I have is for a breastfeeding mother: invest in a breast pump! When your baby wants to feed every hour on the hour then it gets absolutely exhausting and you end up feeling like a feeding machine that gets no respite. By being able to bottle it you can ensure your partner can help out so you can get some rest. If it hadn’t been for the breast pump I would have had to have stopped breastfeeding before I even got a chance to start.” – Roisin, Aberdeen

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