Nema: The Ambulances get a House in Mucojo

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Nothing’s easy here.  But it’s worth it.  In November last year we had a big meeting with the hospital staff and the government leader in Mucojo about what to do with their ambulance:  most importantly where will it and the drivers live.  Undertaking to find somewhere we regularly remind the chief that he is to find somewhere when he asks us where his ambulance is.  Where will it live?  Oh yeah, that.

Guludo’s ambulance is up and running.  Well.  So, ready to move the second one to Mucojo. Where will it live?  After another, “yes we want our ambulance, we’ll sort it out” meeting I left the chief’s office and said:  “what about there, can we not have that building?”, “well yes, of course”.  As always taking time to get to where we need to be we were given the old unused for a long time, nursery school building.  In need of a few renovations but a solid brick structure.  Ok, let’s go.
mucojo 1
Taking the construction guys and the carpenters to make plans and quotes, off we go.

I requested some local people to volunteer to help with humping and dumping and fetching water etc and access to a pump, bought material, arranged labour:  ready.
mucojo 2
Last weekend (the construction guys have 6 days a week at the school so they work for extra cash on their days off) we loaded up the car with equipment and off we went.

First off:  the roof – taking off all of the old tin, replacing the rotting wood and using a mix of old and new tin to make a good, solid, keep the ambulances dry roof.
mucojo 3
Second:  close one of the big doors – bricks taken from the school project and some from the lodge left for ages, blocked up the big hole.
mucojo 4 and 5

New doors and windows:
mucojo 6

Fill in the holes in the floors:
mucojo 7

New ambulance house – ready.  Next step driver recruitment, a whole other story!
mucojo 8
Mussa is always filthy! I hope he cleans himself up before he marries Idriss’s daughter this month, still waiting for my invite.

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  1. 03/01/2016 at 12:00 pm

    Great to see, how rewarding, well done :)
    Moe x

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