Nema: Jonbo’s First Shoes

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jonbo shoesJonbo is one of our workers in Lumuamua from the local community helping on the school build. He always says “bom dia, Senhor Jonbo” to me every time I see him as if I can’t remember his name.  when we first negotiated the wages for the Lumuamua guys he was one of the main voices, mostly of extreme enthusiasm and when I asked him what he was going to do with his first salary he told me he was going to buy some flip-flops as he had no shoes and then a mattress to sleep on and a radio:  they all seem like reasonable things to have in life, he didn’t say what he really needed was an iPhone, so, all good.

Recently we had a lovely guest couple, Daleen and Theodore Turner, and Daleen was interested in what we are up to.  Packing her onto the land cruiser we visited the ambulances, the school and the boys making things out of coconut shells. Daleen and Theodore brought a big bag of donated clothes and blankets and other useful items with them. The bag included a pair of very nice Caterpillar boots.
jonbo shoes 1-1
We don’t give stuff out for nothing but the Lumuamua guys work really hard for what is really very little pay so I sometimes take them an offering:  bread from our bread project, a stash of condoms from my 14,000 strong store, and so I decided that the team would be worthy recipients of the bag of clothes. Giving the bag to Manuel and telling him to distribute to the team, to those that help us, including the lady that cooks for us and the guy that made us a store area in his house and is now sleeping outside on top of our wood so it doesn’t get stolen. These are the people that deserve a gift:  they’re all poor, so everything helps.

Jonbo received the Caterpillar boots, and has not taken them off since.  Yesterday I asked him if he sleeps and washes in them, he just grinned at me! He’s very proud of his shoes, apparently now he can take a new wife!

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