Much Appreciated, Thank Yous

I can’t tell you how often I have told my children to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and on the whole they are brilliant at remembering their P’s and Q’s. In fact, I think most children are pretty good at this these days. I’m sure yours are too?

So why is it that as adults we find it hard to remember the same lesson? I have to concede that sometimes I am wrapped up in my own little world and I forget to issue a cheery wave to the car that has pulled over on a narrow street to let me by. Sometimes I am ‘woken up’ by a bit of road rage fuelled fury; “Can’t you F*!*ing say thank you?” the lovely driver screams into my open window. At which point I remember my manners, mortified, and try to stammer apologies and thanks all at once but of course the other party has sped off full of hate.

Whilst we may be quick to complain and there is little doubt that as a nation we are heading the same way as our cousins in the States with our vile compensation culture, we do forget to express our thanks and gratitude a bit too often. As a result when we at JoJo receive letters or emails of thanks, encouragement and endorsement we are bowled over by their generosity of spirit and tone. How incredibly kind to take time out of your frantic lives and bother to put pen to paper/ fingers to keyboard/thumbs to BlackBerrys.

These letters often come to our customer service inbox and our team is encouraged to circulate them not only to the relevant department and individual if there is one mentioned, but also to me and my fellow directors.  We also take responsibility for the problems and I have often had to deal with issues whilst on holiday with my children, trying to pacify a customer whose parcel has disappeared into space instead of being delivered on time. If a customer wishes to complain to a Director directly, they can be sure their correspondence will be seen.

Last week whilst on holiday I received two letters from customers which just make it all worthwhile. Here they are:


Thank you so much for your prompt reply as well as your excellent customer service especially your friendly and helpful phone team. I will most certainly be recommending JoJo Maman Bébé to my friends and in fact I am just off to post on Facebook what super stars you are.

Thank you x


I just wanted to say how good it is to have a JoJo Maman Bébé store in St Albans.  It’s great to have the choice of shopping online or instore.  I’ve just had another baby and I have bought a lot of maternity clothes from the St Albans shop over the last few months.  I also love your girls’ clothes for my 4 year old, Alice.  My gorgeous girl has Down’s Syndrome and it’s lovely to see some beautiful children with DS in your new catalogue.

With my thanks and best wishes

Rebecca Turner


Thank you for saying thank you. 

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