Maternity Underwear Guide

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Often, one of the first signs of pregnancy is tender, swollen breasts so it makes sense to invest in maternity underwear early on. With so many options out there, choosing the right maternity bra can seem like a daunting task. To help you on your way, we’ve put together our best tips so you get the most out of your underwear during pregnancy.
maternity underwear
1. Get Measured

Time and time again, we are told that most women are wearing the wrong sized bra, whether pregnant or not. If you’ve never been professionally measured before, pregnancy gives you the perfect excuse to find out what size you should be wearing. You’ll find a free bra fitting service in every JoJo store, where you can get measured by one of our specially trained customer advisors. Your bust will generally increase by about two cup sizes and two back sizes so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough support.
maternity underwear
2. Consider a bra extender

If you’ve bought new maternity bras to accommodate your increased cup size, you might find your bra starting to dig into your back as your pregnancy progresses. When your bump grows, your ribcage expands, causing your back size to increase and your bra to become uncomfortable. A simple and affordable solution is a bra extender – simply fasten it to your bra’s clasp to create another set of hooks and eyes.
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3. The wider the better

Opt for a bra with wider straps to support your growing breasts and help relieve pressure on your back and shoulders. Not only will your posture improve, it will also help reduce backache.
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4. Stay supported while you sleep

It may seem counterintuitive but wearing a bra in bed can make for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Choose a gently supportive, seam-free cotton sleep bra for ultimate comfort. Many maternity sleep bras are also excellent for use after the birth should you choose to breastfeed. They’re perfect for keeping nipple pads in place, and the front is easily pulled aside for easy nursing access.
maternity underwear
5. Your secret weapon

You probably won’t need to invest in maternity clothes until your second trimester, so if you’re currently lucky enough to still get into your favourite skinny jeans but are having trouble doing them up, a bump band will be your best friend. Simply wear it around your waist and no one will be none the wiser. A bump band will also provide modesty if you’re finding your tops aren’t long enough, as well as gentle support around your bump and back.
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6. Don’t forget tights

Maternity tights are a great investment. Shaped to accommodate and gently support your bump, you won’t have to constantly pull them up, allowing you to confidently get on with your day. Our range of maternity tights includes both natural and opaque black so you’ve got an option for every outfit.

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