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When we found out that our gorgeous International Trade manager, Atiya, was expecting her second child, we just had to take the opportunity to have her model a selection of maternity occasionwear pieces for us. Whether pregnant or not, Atiya never fails to look immaculate, so we grilled her about her style tips for dressing a bump…

How would you describe your personal style?
I would probably say smart casual, I like to be comfy but still fashionable when I can.

What is your one maternity essential fashion item and why?
I love my maternity black midi length pencil skirt, it supports my bump and always makes me feel trendy.

Do you feel different about your style whilst pregnant and if so what changes do you make?
Yes it is hard to ignore the growing bump when still trying to maintain style, so I try and wear items that show the bump but not too much emphasis on my bottom. I do like to make my legs look slightly longer so that you don’t just end up looking like a sphere ;) Midi pencil skirts are a great item of clothing for this!

What is your favourite outfit from the 3 JoJo looks?
I think I loved the spot print wedding/party outfit the best! I felt glamorous with the whole look as the dress seemed to accentuate the right areas! And with the heels I was able to show a longer leg.

Is there anything you wouldn’t wear whilst pregnant?
I don’t like to wear too much solid white whilst pregnant, as it’s hard to show the curves and bump with only this colour, also I find it’s personally not very slimming  ;)

What do you like most about JoJo Maternity?
I love that the dresses help accentuate the right areas of your bump, but are still very comfortable – so you can always feel stylish.

Have you ever worn a maternity item whilst not pregnant and if so what?
Yes, I have worn a maternity wrap cardigan when not pregnant, it’s an item that’s very fluid and no one can tell that it’s maternity wear!

What is your main beauty tip whilst pregnant and how to get that ‘pregnancy glow’?
Wear less cover-up/foundation and try to be as natural as possible; a tinted moisturizer with glowing ingredients is good for this. A nice pop of colour on your lips and a good natural blush colour helps keep it fun. Also, never leave the house without sunscreen as your skin is twice as more exposed to skin damage when pregnant!

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