Looking Good After Pregnancy

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Although you might be keen to get back to your pre-baby shape after nine months of pregnancy, you might also be at a loss as to where to start! Feeling less than confident about your post-baby body is perfectly normal, particularly if your body hasn’t been blessed with the ability to snap back into shape. Feeling good about ourselves benefits those around us – especially a new baby. Luckily, JoJo has plenty of advice to help you on your way.


Get the right workout gear

If you’re planning on hitting the gym, you’ll love our Post Natal Exercise Shorts, designed to help you maximise your workout. Made from neoprene, these fantastic shorts help you retain body heat, which increases perspiration and improves circulation – meaning your muscles work better. The exercise shorts are designed especially for the post natal body – the low under-tummy seam and high waist support your abdomen and lower back. Don’t forget to get fitted for a new pair of trainers too, as it’s not uncommon for your feet to go up a size after having a baby.

post natal exercise shorts

Be selective when wearing maternity clothes

It might be tempting to lounge around in your maternity clothes, but it’s a good idea to invest in a non-maternity outfit, even if it is a size larger. This will make you feel less frumpy, more confident and feel a little less like you’re permanently in “mummy mode”! If you’re breastfeeding on the go, there are plenty of practical yet stylish pieces available. Try our Breton stripe dress – a chic classic that won’t go out of fashion – perfect for wearing after you have your next baby. Of course, certain maternity styles will work well after the arrival of the baby – think wrap dresses and adjustable tops, which can be adapted to your new shape.

 breton stripe feeding dress


Know what to look for…and what to avoid

The key when choosing a flattering outfit is the neckline and hemline. When selecting a skirt, styles that finish above the knee and maxi lengths are most flattering – it’s best to avoid calf-lengths unless you’re very tall. V-necks, ¾ length sleeves and wrap-styles are flattering on almost everyone, as are bootleg jeans. Once you’ve figured out which shapes suit you best, stick to this “uniform” when buying new items – it’ll save you plenty of time and effort.


Invest in supportive underwear

It’s amazing what well-fitting underwear can do for your confidence, so it’s worth getting fitted for a bra after your baby arrives. If any of your existing bras fit in the cups but feel too tight around your ribcage, choose a bra extender – an easy, cost-effective way to make use of what you already have. There are so many other handy products around to help you make the most of your new shape. Look for things that offer support, such as the post natal support vest and post pregnancy support pants, to gently control bulges and help create a smooth silhouette.

 post pregnancy support pants


Make the most of your assets

Focus on the positives. Got a fabulous pair of legs? Show them off in a mini skirt. A wrap dress is fantastic for showing off a new cleavage while taking the fuss out of breastfeeding. Even minor things like wearing your hair in a ponytail to show off a pretty collarbone can help you feel more ‘you’ while you regain your figure.


Pamper your skin

Beautiful skin is the key to looking and feeling fantastic. When your new arrival is having a nap, take the opportunity and spend a few minutes pampering your skin. JoJo stocks a fabulous range of skincare products from Mama Mio, including luxurious moisturisers and serums that really work. Choose products enriched with Omega oils to nourish and firm the skin, particularly around the chest and tummy.

Mama mio

It’s in the details

When you’re buying clothes, look for details that detract from anything you’re trying to hide. Draping, gathering and ruching are all great for disguising a post-baby bump. Anything that cascades over your body will be much more flattering than something clingy. Try our waterfall feeding cardigan which doubles up to allow you to breastfeed discreetly. Choose patterned tops to hide a multitude of sins – including the inevitable baby sick on your shoulder.

waterfall feeding cardigan



With a little know-how, you can use your jewellery and accessories to create a slimmer illusion. Long necklaces will help to elongate your torso, making you look slimmer, while wearing a gorgeous pair of dangly earrings will draw the eye to your face rather than your stomach. Try the Mamascarf with your outfit to disguise your post pregnancy tummy, which doubles up as handy cover-up if you want to breastfeed discreetly.

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