#JoJoTakeTwo: The Differences Between 1 and 2 Children by Sarah Cawood

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sarah cawood picSo another royal baby is imminent! It will be so nice to have some lovely news finally tucked in around all the doom and gloom we’ve been subjected to in the last year and I am unapologetically a total royalist so am thoroughly excited!

I do wonder if Kate knows what she’s letting herself in for though: there’s only a small gap between her 2 babies, similar in fact to the gap I had between mine. If I had been a few years younger, I probably would have waited a bit but I feared for my ageing ovaries and thought I better get cracking before they gave up the ghost and I am lucky enough 3 years later to have 2 gorgeous, healthy, BONKERS babies!

Being pregnant second time around was a totally different experience for me, as I’m sure it is for most mums (and Kate won’t be any exception since pregnancy is one of the great levellers in life: she might get piles just like swathes of other knocked up mamas!).

Hunter autumn 2

hunter autumn

I barely had time to think about the fact I had another tinker on the way, since I was running around after an 18 month old who seemed to run on Duracell batteries. In fact, the only time I really thought about it was when I got heartburn/restless legs/fatigue/breathlessness/really bad wind (delete as applicable) or when I REALLY WANTED A GIN. It was then that I really wished I had appreciated the gentle bimble along I had had with my first pregnancy: the lunches with friends, the manicures and pedicures, the unhurried nesting and preparing of a nursery… I tell all my friends who get pregnant for the first time now to totally over indulge themselves because if they have any more, they won’t even have time to have a wee (and when they do, it won’t be a private one).

I still wouldn’t change it all for the world though because life is so much fun with 2! Right from the start, I’ve loved watching them interact with each other and every time they give each other a hug or a kiss, it melts my heart. Of course the yang to this lovely bit of yin is that sometimes, I stop being mum, and start being a referee. I hand out red cards like they’re chocolate biscuits.

Having 2 toddlers means that I NEVER have any time to myself and sometimes, that can seem a bit relentless. The toughest days are the ones when they are tired, grizzly, snotty or ill. One child being a Klingon is manageable, 2 can definitely drive you to an evening glass of Pinot Grigio or 3;).
At the moment, my biggest challenge is that my little boy, Hunter (the eldest at nearly 3) finds it virtually impossible to share the toys and play nicely alongside his sister. If he sees her playing with something, he will put down his toy and go and take hers off her. It happens all day long at the moment and nothing I do or say seems to affect a difference. I’m hoping that it’s just one of those fabled “phases” that will one day seem like a distant bad dream. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop it?

I wonder if Kate has another boy, if she will dress them the same? My mum used to love dressing my sister and I in the same frocks and all those 70s sepia-tinted photos of us now are quite cute. If I had had 2 girls, I just know I would have done the same thing, but I’m not sure I think it would work on boys.

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