#JoJoTakeTwo: Introducing a New Baby to your First Child

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IMG_4512Marketing assistant Steph, mum to Leo, 5 and Darcey, 2 writes about her experiences:

Were you anxious about introducing your new baby to your son?

Leo was around 3 when I had Darcey and the night I spent in hospital after having her was the first night I had ever spent away from Leo so I was more excited than anxious. I just couldn’t wait to come home and see my little boy and introduce him to his new baby sister. Before the birth, my partner and I made sure we spent a lot of time with Leo talking about the baby in mummy’s tummy and that I would be going into hospital at some point so the doctor could help mummy get the baby out. We also talked about the fact that mummy would have to bring the baby home and things might be a little busy for a while so we won’t have as much time together but I am not sure a three year old can fully understand how much things change and how much it would affect him too.

How did it go?

Looking back I think Leo was still a bit too young to understand fully what was happening and who this new person was so I wouldn’t say he was excited but he was certainly happy to see mummy and see what she had brought home with her. As the days went by Leo soon became very proud of his little sister ad spent lots more time watching her and wanting to hold her and pose for pictures.

Was it easier or more difficult than you expected?

I wasn’t particularly nervous about introducing Darcey to Leo so it went as we expected, although I did cry, I think it was a mixture of hormones and missing my little boy.  One thing we did before the baby came along was go out to the shops so Leo could choose and buy a soft toy to give to the baby once he or she arrived so he felt part of the whole experience. He bought her a Jellycat bunny rabbit soft toy and called her Bettsie. We also decided that because Leo might feel a bit left out we bought him a Buzz Lightyear toy to give to him from the new baby.


Retail marketing assistant Victoria, mum to Olly, 7 and Lucy, 5 writes about her experiences:

Were you anxious about introducing your new baby to your son?

Yes I was a bit nervous as my daughter was born a bit early so I had to spend a week in the hospital with her before we were allowed home.

How did it go?

It went well, we had been teaching my son about being ‘gentle’ and he was genuinely fascinated with her – a bit like a new toy! My husband and I had a chat about bringing her home and my husband held my daughter so I could rush up to my son and give him a huge hug and kiss. We had also arranged for the new baby to give a present to the older one when she got home which certainly softened the blow.

Was it easier or more difficult than you expected?

It went a lot better than I thought!

We’d love to hear about your experiences with introducing a new baby to your first child. If you’re currently expecting your second child, how are you preparing your first child for the new arrival? Comment below or join in the conversation over on Twitter, using the hashtag #JoJoTakeTwo. Remember to multibuy and save, now valid on even more of your favourite styles for a limited time only. Click here to shop the collection.

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