#JoJoExplorer DIY Bird Feeder Tutorial

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diy bird feeder tutorial

As part of our #JoJoExplorer campaign, we’re encouraging you and your little ones to get out and explore the world around you – even if it’s just the back garden. We’ve put together a super easy bird feeder tutorial to entice birds into the garden – kids will love pointing out all the new feathered friends that they spot. This is a fantastic rainy day activity to do with children, but make sure an adult does the steps that involve cutting. Let us know if you try it out, or better yet, share your photos with us on Facebook!

You will need:

  • plastic bottle
  • 2 wooden spoons
  • marker pen
  • craft knife
  • florist’s wire
  • seeds

1. Mark two spots on your plastic bottle – one in the top half and one in the bottom half.
2. Use the craft knife to cut an ‘x’ into each of the two marked spots.
3. Push a wooden spoon through the cut until it reaches the opposite side of the bottle.
4. Line up the spoon so it’s level and mark the spot.
5. Take the spoon back out and cut out a long, narrow rectangle along the spot you have just marked. It should be large enough to accommodate the end of the spoon.
6. Push the handle of the wooden spoon through the rectangle you have just cut through to the hole at the opposite end of the bottle. The wide end of the spoon should poke out and fit snugly in the rectangle – you might need to tweak it with the craft knife.
7. Repeat steps 3-6 with the other wooden spoon, but in the opposite direction.
8. Open the bottle and spoon in the seeds, replacing the lid once you’re done. Better yet, if you’ve got a funnel, use that!
9. Take the wire and loop it around neck of the bottle, twisting it around as tightly as you can to ensure it’s strong enough to hold the weight. Twist the loose ends to complete the loop.
10. You’re done! Simply find a suitable tree or branch to hang it up and wait for the birds to discover their tasty treats.

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