JoJo Mums & Dads Travel Essentials

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kids travel essentials

We’ve rounded up everything you need for getting out with the kids, whether you’re going abroad or staying closer to home in our travel section. To give you even more useful pointers, we asked our JoJo mums and dads what they’ll be taking on their travels this summer…

Aquaint 100% Natural Steriliser
Like most parents I like to make sure my children have clean hands before they sit down to eat, but when you are abroad and on the beach there’s not always a convenient place to wash their hands. A small bottle of hand sanitizer is always a handy thing to have, but my daughter suffers from very sensitive skin so any products that have alcohol in them tend to irritate so I would definitely recommend the Aquaint 100% Natural Steriliser.  - Steph, Marketing Assistant

Really handy to have to spray on hands and not-so-clean-looking restaurant highchairs when out and about. – Harriet, Buying Director

Kids’ First Aid Kit
No matter how careful you are, kids will always get a scrape or a bump, so a small first aid kit comes in useful quite often! – Steph, Marketing Assistant

We’re going to Disney World Florida this summer which means lots of excitement, running around and inevitable cuts and bruises, so I’ll be sure to pack a first aid kit. – Dilpa, Website Executive

We’re taking the train to France to go camping, so we’ll be packing a first aid kit for dealing with simple emergencies. Dan, Merchandising Manager

Toddler backpack
Having the mini back pack with reins means that my daughter is close by and she can’t wander off whilst I juggle all my hand luggage and get my boarding card out at the same time! The backpack is also big enough for her to put a few colouring magazines and travel toys inside for the flight. - Steph, Marketing Assistant

Encouraging my little one to wear her own backpack helps make travelling a little easier. She can keep her favourite bits and pieces close to hand, and the bright colours make her easy to spot in crowded airports. - Dilpa, Website Executive

Pretty Twill Sun Hat
I’m taking my little girl home to Mexico this summer to visit relatives so it’s essential I keep her safe from the hot sun. I’ll be packing a cotton sun hat that will work with most outfits. – Claudia, Graphic Designer

Brush-Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush
To avoid routine going out the window when we’re away, I take my daughter’s electric toothbrush with us. It makes brushing their teeth fun, helping to encourage good habits wherever we are. Claudia, Graphic Designer

SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ Sun Cream
In the park, in the garden, in the buggy – you always want to know your baby is safe in the sun. This cream is great to put on in the morning so regardless of what you or the weather ends up doing you know your little one is protected. - Harriet, Buying Director

Pop N Play Portable Playpen
Can be used indoors but has a waterproof base so comes into its own when used in the garden, park or if you have a family BBQ or picnic. Big enough for a couple of children to play happily together in and still feel part of the group and prevents you from constantly checking they haven’t wandered off or have got too close to the BBQ. Really lightweight and fits into its own narrow carry bag that can be carried over the shoulder. Goes up and down in seconds. – Harriet, Buying Director

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  1. 05/09/2016 at 11:18 am

    Loads of zip loc and plastic bags for all those emergencies you know will happen especially with babies and toddlers.

  2. 05/09/2016 at 11:21 am

    A foldable toilet seat and a travel chair harness.

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