JoJo Boys' Clothes Review

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So finally, someone took the lid off and let the sunshine in, marking the start of the summer and also the start of a string of ‘occasions’ in our household.

First of all there was Auntie Jean’s 80th, a family gathering for a Sunday Roast at a nice golf club, a perfect occasion to catch up with people we usually only see at Christmas.

Then there was Grandpa’s birthday, just one week before my rather massive ‘milestone’ birthday that I had been hoping would go away for the past few years, so we shared a special lunch out.

All of these meant an excuse to buy the boys new outfits that would (hopefully) suit all events, whilst lasting and still looking nice. Add to this a certain versatility in case the weather failed us, there was quite a lot to consider.

I always turn to JoJo for clothing that is nicer than the usual stuff my kids trash at nursery and weekends and I love the nautical themed wear that JoJo offers. It is so classic, never dates, always looks smart without looking over the top and can be dressed up or down.

jojo maman bebe boys clothes

The boys looked fantastic in their JoJo summer wear

We are lucky enough to have a JoJo in the city that I live so I always go into the store for a good browse, but I love the fact that delivery is free too so if a size isn’t available I don’t feel cheated by the added £5 a lot of other retailers will slap on top of an online order for postage. This gets a MASSIVE tick from me.

Every year I get the boys the classic twill shorts. A real staple, wash beautifully time and time again and hold their shape. So for Seb it was a no brainer. Some little navy shorts with side pockets. To go with them I chose a red polo shirt. We love how polo shirts look smarter than ordinary tshirts without looking too try hard. The lovely pleated pocket and the side seam splits on the JoJo ones make them a little bit special too.

jojo boys summer clothes

Dom and Seb in their lovely new clothes

For Dominic we chose some classic stone lightweight roll up chinos. So versatile – can be worn as trousers, ¾ lengths or shorts. We chose a navy Breton stripe polo shirt with long sleeves to finish the look. Lightweight enough to be worn in warmer weather but also perfect if slightly cooler. The lovely wooden toggle added the little special edge.

boys breton top

The wooden toggle adds a special little touch to the long sleeve Breton top

Auntie Jean’s 80th saw the boys running for hours around the grounds with their cousins (once they had finished their dinners of course). All of them over excited at seeing each other and some sunshine and after a few games of Frisbee they all looked just as children should – dishevelled and rosy cheeked! The boys clothes still looked crease free and smart (although I cant deny there were a few grass stains on the knees of Dominic’s trousers!).

Boys water fight

Fun in the sun

So, would the clothes wash well enough to be wheeled out for Grandpa’s birthday? Absolutely. Still looking as good as new – best of all Seb’s shorts and Dominic’s top didn’t even need ironing. My only slight complaint was that it was quite tricky to iron the pleat perfectly back into the red polo shirt – but that is more of a reflection of my domestic ability than the clothes!

Grandpa’s birthday lunch was by the river Crouch so the boys looked perfect in their nautical stripes – looking at the boats, crabbing and paddling in the waters., they could have been at a JoJo catalogue shoot! Again, the clothes were put through their paces – chips, ice cream, mud and sand – and when we got home a water pistol fight in the garden with Uncle Richard! The clothes all survived and, again, washed up beautifully – no shrinking or fading and all stains easily washed out.

We were really, really happy with the quality of the clothes – how they looked, washed and wore. Best of all the sizes are generous which means that even though Seb is 5 (he is small for his age) I think he will be able to wear JoJo clothes for another couple of years – and (sorry JoJo!) anything we buy for Seb will definitely last long enough to be passed down to Dominic and because the styles are so classic they wont be going out of fashion either.

I have always thought that JoJo is so reasonably priced. On a par with other mainstream high street retailers but with a feel of real quality and specialness to the clothes – and there is always the multi buy promotions available which makes JoJo so competitively priced.

Great clothes for both special wear and hard wearing enough for every day too – even my boisterous boys!

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1 comment for “JoJo Boys' Clothes Review

  1. Mimi
    16/06/2013 at 4:53 am

    I am a fan since finding out about my pregnancy 5 years ago. The staff in tunnridge wells is always cheerful and helpful.

    The clothing as you mentioned wash well. I give away my son’s clothing to delighted friends.

    On our trips to relatives in France, my son is always complimented for looking smart!!!

    My only regret is that Jojo does not have ranges for beyond 5(my son is 4 but wearing 5 years old size)

    Would you consider having bigger sizes? I must not be the only parent asking for it

    Please, pretty please….

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