It’s a Dog’s Life – at JoJo

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You see the problem is I really liked being the ONE and ONLY office dog. I’m not complaining, but it’s a hard job, and on the whole I’d say I’m pretty good at it, so why the change? Of course I’ve been doing the job for a while, well my whole working life really; eight long years, and do you know, I take it seriously. It’s not just any job of course and I’m not just any employee. I’ve a real work ethic (just like the rest of the team) and a job-for-life attitude. I’m no flippant job hopper, no; I’m a grafter and a stayer. But I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it and believe in the brand. Life’s far too short to stay in a role you don’t enjoy and somewhere you don’t feel appreciated. I really do relish my job as the Official JoJo Design Studio Office Dog … but I must say, things have changed recently.


Things have really changed round here: The cheeky but gorgeous Ruby

Let me tell you a little about my working day; I arrive promptly at 9am – method of transport varies – sometimes I’m lucky and it’s a chauffeur-driven service by Laura, but not nearly often enough. Sometimes she makes me trot behind her bike which I confess is a little degrading but mostly, and best of all, I get to walk Emily, one of our International Team, to work. She’s pretty good, lets me have the odd sniff along the way but is a bit reluctant to investigate the discarded MacDonald’s bags that I spot on the pavement. Still she keeps up and chats away in her funny doggy voice. Sometimes I think these humans are totally daft – why can’t they just talk normally to me? You should hear Mel talking; she’s barking.

Once at the office, my day really starts with a rush. It’s breakfast time for the team of course, and there are toast crumbs everywhere. I have a really busy session going from desk to desk being polite and saying my ‘hellos’ whilst having a quick hoover in the hard to reach places. I’m particularly keen on Barbara who’s been at the job even longer than I have, but they are all pretty friendly and respectable of an old girl like me. Once the morning routine is done, I’ll nip upstairs to Laura’s office – popping in to Emma’s on the way for a nice long drink, she always has a bowl of fresh water, I guess the Marketing Team need to be hospitable. By this stage I’m beginning to feel a tiny bit sleepy and unless someone happens to be having a mid-morning snack, my priority has to be a good snore. I jump on my bed and I’m off – dreaming of my childhood in Wales, chasing bunnies, climbing mountains and swimming in lakes.

Funny how lunchtime and a tiny hole in the tummy wakes a girl up, but there’s no time for hovering because on the whole someone wants to go to Battersea Park and I’m always happy to lead them. It’s only just round the corner, but they need to tie themselves to me to remember the way, funny things!  Wow, I do love the park; running around, meeting other dogs, chasing the pigeons, jumping in the lake, it’s just heaven and my only tiny regret in life is that I chose a design and marketing career path. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to be a Park Keeper’s Office Dog…heaven. But not to be, I’m a professional and I’ve made my bed so I must lie in it.

The afternoon used to be another long snooze with a wake up sniff at around tea time when biscuit crumbs needed sorting out – gosh they are a messy lot. Not that I mind of course, for my part I would prefer they ate the crumbs and threw the biscuits on the floor – would be a lot less work and more satisfying too. However, and this is where I must try not to sound bitter, these days things have changed. Yes I’m afraid they have changed a lot. I know I’m set in my ways but why oh why did we need to get a puppy? It’s not that she isn’t sweet, because she is; it’s not that she isn’t good, because she is learning fast and of course I’m a good teacher, but all the same we really did not need ANOTHER office dog. I’m the Official one so why take on more. Of course I’m getting on a bit but there’s life in the old dog yet and the biggest issue about having two of us on the job is there really aren’t enough crumbs to go round. Do you know I’ve lost a stone since she became my apprentice at Christmas? Life is just so hectic with a baby on hand – not a second to rest, my ‘me time’ is all gone, it’s just work, work, work. As soon as I feel I’ve gotten through my chores and need a little nap she wakes up and wants to play.

Snuggled in our favourite JoJo stripe blanket

I can honestly say I’m exhausted but of course I’m sure you know; I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s a delight, so funny, and whilst she does give me the run around, I have to admit, she’s probably my new best friend and I love her to bits.

Truffle and Ruby

Ruby, the new addition, and I having an afternoon snooze. I love her really!

Woof Woof, Truffle 

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2 comments for “It’s a Dog’s Life – at JoJo

  1. zena galvin
    29/04/2013 at 1:05 pm

    this is the most adorable thing ever!! staffies are my fav , beautiful doggies!!! I shall be keeping an eye on ruby!!!!!

  2. Laura Tenison
    02/05/2013 at 9:17 am

    Ruby Tuesday is the new Office Dog Apprentice. She is learning from Truffle the Official Office Dog. Poor old Truffle get the run around but it’s given her a second wind and as you will see from her blog. More to follow!

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