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I am a mum to two boys (and a dog!) and writing to share news of the new app I have just launched; mementobox, a ‘virtual’ baby journal. I have worked on the app with my husband (a consultant IT Project Manager), and whilst it has been a long journey from the lightbulb moment of the idea to the ‘go live’, it’s one that we are immensely proud to say we have completed.


The original idea for mementobox was conceived when our first baby came along – some close friends got us a newspaper from the day he was born and also recorded the TV news for us. Those two simple things planted a seed and we started gathering content for a memory box, adding CDs, magazines, books and sporting memorabilia, along with personal keepsakes such as baby scans, photos of first holidays, and jottings about emerging teeth and first wobbly steps.


It was only 18 months later our second son arrived, but in that time the world had become an increasingly digital place, and the content for his memory box was more virtual. Whilst we began storing content on a USB, we really wanted somewhere more visually appealing to keep such precious memories, as well as something we could easily share with family and friends. As smartphones had launched, the answer was simple – an app would make the perfect memory box, and the mementobox app idea was born. The format was ideal – most people have their phone on them all the time, so they won’t miss a special moment and can quickly add and share content literally as it happens, rather than try and remember to update a journal book back at home.


We knew we could manage the project but needed to defer to people with expert ‘techy’ knowledge to actually create the app, and we engaged an app development company to help us bring our vision into reality. We worked closely with the agency to develop the design and to perfect the brief to ensure the functionality would be exactly as we wanted it. We felt it was vital that the app is simple, intuitive and user friendly. We included some little additional features to make mementobox a bit different, such as the handy gift tracker and the section for capturing visitors and their messages, plus we made sure parents could add additional children to create a family journal.


Much hard work and many late nights later, the mementobox app is live and we are very proud of our finished product. Feedback has been really positive with plenty of ‘what a great idea’ comments, and we are pleased to report uptake from parents and mums-to-be in countries all over the world. Launching a new business can be a daunting prospect, but very rewarding and we would urge other parents toying with an idea since their ‘lightbulb moment’ to give it a go!


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  1. Kirsty Ross Hutchison
    09/01/2013 at 6:11 pm

    Will the app be available for Android as well? it sounds like a wonderful idea.

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