Hello from Bournemouth, well that was the intention ….

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Sometimes, when life goes wrong it is easy to slip into deep depression. Today was one of those days. Everything went wrong. Toby forgot his homework when he got on the school bus, I noticed it sitting on the kitchen table having just closed the door behind him. It’s great the bus comes straight past our door and John the driver (bribed with some JoJo vouchers for his granddaughter) actually makes a special stop for Toby to hop on. However, he then speeds off and on this occasion by the time I had run out of the house with the homework, the bus could not be seen for dust. So a quick jump in the car and in hot pursuit I try to catch up. I achieve this a few streets away and cause huge embarrassment as I jump on the bus, give him a sloppy kiss deliver the homework and rush back home. A quick walk for Truffle our dog, hop on my bike and off to the Design Studio in Battersea for an early morning second interview at 8am.

Interview done and I am chaining my bike up at Clapham Junction Station ready to catch my pre-booked train to Bournemouth. No time  for a coffee which is bad news, plus I’m a touch stressed by now but I get to platform 9 with seconds to spare as the train pulls in. Phew! I’m on the train and I sigh with relief; I have nearly two hours to relax, catch up on my emails via the BlackBerry and work through the tonne of paper work I’ve brought along. I’m content and concentrating and don’t even consider where I am going but happen to look out the window at one stage and see we are going through Godalming Station. I vaguely wonder if Godalming is on the way to Bournemouth and consider that Network South East has some funny routes.

Then the train stops and the tannoy announces. You have now arrived in Haslemere. WHAT! Where’s Haslemere? No, that’s not possible we should be in Bournemouth where I have three lovely empty stores lined up to go and visit. Appointments all arranged, Google map printed out.

Sadly it all starts to come clear … I jumped on the train just in time at precisely 9.27am as per my booking, but I failed to check that the train was running on time so yes I caught the train, it just happened to be the wrong one.  Hey ho, not to worry. I quickly have a look round …. and decide this town is not right for a JoJo store, but I remember Godalming and know from past visits that this IS a possible location. Straight back on the next train I jumped and with a few quick phone calls line up some lovely empty stores to view. I could be down in the dumps and full of depression. The ticket to Bournemouth is wasted and I’m quite cross with myself, but it’s a lovely frosty day and I’m in a pretty part of the world and actually things could be a lot worse.

Fate took me to that gorgeous little Surrey town and I loved it. Not only did I bump into, and chat to, a whole lot of friendly and very enthusiastic JoJo customers with their babies and children tactfully dressed up nice and warm in our bright and cosy polarfleece outerwear, but I had time for a quick lunch before jumping back on the train to Clapham Junction where I arrived shortly after 2pm. On re-entering the office a few people looked suprised  that I had got to Bournemouth and back in quite such a timely fashion … I just smiled and wonder if they will read my blog.

Call it fate but whilst Bournemouth will have to wait for the next space in my diary, we may start negotiating on an amazing wattle and daub double fronted store in the centre of Surrey. Another stunning architectural gem to add to our collection of beautiful stores across the country. It’s all good really and thanks to all the friendly faces in Godalming who were so enthusiastic about the brand.

On my bike! Let's hope I was heading the right way

On my bike! Let's hope I was heading the right way

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6 comments for “Hello from Bournemouth, well that was the intention ….

  1. Kerry
    03/02/2012 at 1:23 pm

    Any chance of a store opening by us anytime soon? I think the closest to me is solihull (if it’s still open).I think Worcester / Birmingham would be fab?

  2. laura tenison
    laura tenison
    06/02/2012 at 4:18 pm

    hi kerrry – worcester is on list but no stores found yet.. we did try sollihul a few years ago but the rents were so high we could not sustain the store as a niche market business. we do have a lovely store in Leaminngton Spa – which is such a stunning town it might be worth a day trip? thanks for your support. Laura

  3. Chris Knowles
    08/02/2012 at 1:06 pm

    O dear Laura…. Forgive me but I cannot help but smile to myself reading your story :) I have done this so many times with trains and get all flustered when it actually dawns on me I am heading in the totally wrong direction! Still at least your day was not a total right off and you got to see the lovely sights of Surrey.

  4. 12/02/2012 at 3:21 am

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  5. 13/02/2012 at 8:59 am

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  6. 13/02/2012 at 9:19 pm

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