Hello Battersea Park Road!

It’s sort of ironic that we, a company whose success is dependent on pro-creation, is now based in a former Catholic convent. I’d like to think that the nuns would have enjoyed our designs and approved of our work ethic and company ethos. May be we should get the building blessed or may be it is already. I certainly feel it is right for JoJo; lovely creative space with high ceilings, Gothic arched windows and a sweeping central staircase – now boasting some of our favourite adorable baby images.

There are about 40 of us here. Marketing, graphics, e-commerce, design, garment technology, buying, merchandising and of course the new international trade department showroom. Having all been on one floor we need to get used to the rabbit warren of rooms, floors and staircases. We even have a little roof terrace, just in case we feel like a bit of fresh air during the day.

The design team!

Now that we are in, I asked the teams what they wanted for the common room and requests have come back for table tennis and pool tables,  coffee machines, gardening and social clubs. It’s all on the agenda for discussion at the next forum and if we do opt for the games tables we’ll have to find a solution to the balls. The common room is a mezzanine floor and I fear that raucous lunchtime competitions going on above may be a little irritating to those below trying to concentrate. Not to mention the constant stream of ping pong balls landing on desks …. But if Innocent have table tennis then so must we. Perhaps we could even install a slide down to the next level to collect up the balls? Hmmm, not sure what the health and safety team would say about that?

Our brand new show room!

I love the idea of a gardening club and Mark has volunteered to be number one enthusiast. One of my great relaxations last spring and summer was to get home from work after school and check with the boys what had grown during the day. We had tomatoes appearing right up until October.

Our new office

My office overlooks the junior school my kids attended and I was a little emotional on my first bike ride to work this week. Used to having the children with me on that journey, it was strange to be alone (the boys now going by public transport in different directions to their senior schools). But we are in and the snagging problems are ongoing. I’d really like to get it all straight so I can get on with my job, but it’s tricky to concentrate when my files are still all over the floor in boxes. That reminds me, where the hell is that Ikea delivery with my new shelves?






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