Handy Products for Staying Safe this Summer

baby sunsuitAfter what feels like an eternity, the glorious summer weather we’ve been waiting for has finally graced us with its presence. We’re excited about long, sunny days, lazy-day picnics, trips to the beach and paddling in the pool.

To make sure your little one stays safe in the sun or on holiday, we’ve picked out some handy products.


If you’re out and about with a little one in the buggy, you’ll want to make use of a few additions to protect them from the hot sun. Invest in a sunshade to help keep babies cool and out of direct sunlight – the Outlook Sleep Pod comes with an integrated black-out blind to help them take a nap when you’re on the move. Don’t let hot weather spoil drinks and snacks – try our insulated food and bottle bag to keep things cool. Off to the park? Don’t forget to take along a bottle of Aquaint 100% natural steriliser in case you drop your little one’s teether or cutlery.


Hitting the beach is lots of fun no matter how old are you are, but you’ll need to take a few precautions, especially if you have little ones in tow. If you’re planning on spending the day at the beach, you might want to consider one of our sun tents, which will act as a base for your family if you need to take a break from the hot sun. Our sent tents also feature a mosquito net door to help prevent those pesky insect bites, making them the perfect accessory for outdoor activities. Sun protection is a must for all the family, but your little one’s delicate skin will need extra coverage. As well as using a family-friendly sun cream such as UltraSun Extreme SPF 50+, try our bestselling quick-drying sunsuits which offer 98% UVA and UVB protection – the generous coverage is especially useful for fair-skinned children who burn easily. Matching flap sun hats are available too which offer protection for faces and backs of necks. And don’t forget to protect little feet from hot sand or hard surfaces with our brilliant children’s swimming shoes. Comfy, grippy and quick-drying, they are perfect for exploring the beach or in the water.flap sun hat


We know how hard it is to get to sleep on hot summer nights but we’ve got a selection of products that will hopefully make things a little easier. Many parents swear by baby sleeping bags, although your existing one will probably be too thick now. Our lightweight muslin sleeping bags offer the best of both worlds – they offer security and familiarity but are thin enough at under 1 tog to keep your baby cool and comfortable. If little ones are struggling to get to sleep while the sun’s still out, you might want to try Magic Blackout Blinds, a really simple way to darken bedrooms and nurseries – they come in a roll and require no tools to put up so are perfect for packing in your suitcase if you’re going on holiday. And if you are jetting off, don’t forget to take a mosquito repeller such as Love Bug which can be clipped onto buggies and cots to keep insects at bay.love bug mosquito repeller


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