Half-Term Heaven

Yes it’s completely true.  I am in heaven and so are my boys – or at least I think they are but since I have not seen them for two hours I can’t be totally sure. I love my children, I’m passionate about my job and all  in all I have no complaints about the life of a juggling parent. But once in a blue moon it is so nice to get an hour or so to yourself.  In my case, and I know this is true for most of our readers, time alone is a very rare luxury.

I don’t really like beach holidays or at least that’s what I think. I like travel or trips; working our way across India by train or touring the Middle East, skiing, climbing mountains, eco-camping in Africa and such like – well that’s what I always used to say and do. And my boys have been pretty lucky. They’ve enjoyed all sorts of adventures across the world. But a few years ago, a friend suggested she and I take our five children to an all inclusive beach resort and the term ‘holiday’ took on a whole new meaning. Of course this is definitely not travel or adventure (they can eat pizza and chips at every meal if they want to) but its a real break, a rest, relaxation and a total battery re-charge. I’m a tiny bit ashamed to admit we are back here again – for the third year and it’s as heavenly as ever!

New parents don’t be proud. It’s not for ever, one day you can return to walking across the Hindu Kush, but for now if you are feeling the winter blues and are exhausted by an energetic toddler or the never ending rounds of breastfeeding and nappy changing, take a look online and with a little research you may find a great deal at a lovely resort like this one, where parents get time to themselves and kids enjoy the freedom of eating as many ice creams as they want on the first day at least. Toby, my little one, drank 16 virgin Pina Coladas on our first day here a few years ago – funny thing is that he was never tempted to do it again!

I’m off to the marketing office to see if I can get you all a discount code. Will keep you posted.


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