Guest Post: Very Intelligent Princess

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Today’s blog post is written by Rachel Collingwood, co-founder of Very Intelligent Princess, an online club that aims to inspire girls to reach their full potential without being constrained by the ‘norms’ of society. To find out more about this fantastic initiative, please visit intelligent princess logo

This Online Club is to inspire girls to value and be proud of their intelligence and independence, breaking away from the modern pressures in today’s society. The VIP characters intend to encourage girls to explore their abilities, and find where their talents lie, making their individuality and achievements the new ‘pink’…

A generation of little girls is being raised on a steady diet of pink princess merchandising and big busted B-list celebs. While we go about the world brandishing the principles of strong and independent female role models, there is still a culture of sugary and plastic women who many little girls idolise as they unwittingly absorb the popular culture which we are bombarded with every day.  We figure girls everywhere deserve better.

VIP is a membership club and introduces an activity of the month for each girl to partake in. Any images sent through to us with an image of the particular project might win VIP of the month and be sent through a prize. Each member receives a badge in the post, upon registering. The blog is updated weekly with ideas for inventive and imaginative play and any comments. Also a daily thought for the girls, focusing on good manners and kindness.

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1 comment for “Guest Post: Very Intelligent Princess

  1. Laura Tenison
    28/02/2014 at 9:34 am

    I wish I had a little girl now … the VIP website would have been perfect.

    There was nothing like this as we grew up and whilst I have made a career from sewing and I love cooking for fun, I was without doubt the product of sexist steriotyping as a child. My brothers were send to bording school, whilst I was kept at home to help! Not that I minded too much (in many ways I was the lucky one), but lets make sure our daughters are given every encouragement to be who they want to be.

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