Congratulations your Royal Highnesses!

A new baby is always a joy. As parents we will cut back on ourselves in hard times but still do our very best for the children. The past few years have been hard to trade through but good nursery retailers continue to flourish as long as they offer excellent service, great design and competitive prices, like we do at JoJo.

We are delighted for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. There is nothing more exciting in life than having your first child. They appear to be a very normal couple in so many ways and let’s hope they enjoy choosing their little one’s clothes, accessories and nursery in the same way all new parents do; with excitement, love and a certain sense of trepidation.

If the British public chooses to follow the Duchess of Cambridge’s great sense of fashion and style they will. I’m sure the bonny prince or princess will be totally gorgeous in whatever he or she wears. Babies need to be comfy and cosy, they don’t care too much about the label – unless it’s nice and tactile just like our bedding labels are; designed for little hands to play and snuggle with.

Will the latest royal spark a new fashion for pregnancies and baby related paraphernalia? Of course not! We already have a baby boom in this country and one more is very welcome. Certain designs or innovative nursery products are ubiquitous with each new generation and I expect the Duchess of Cambridge will be chatting with her parents and getting advice from her friends. This is the way it works in our industry. We have always found that our best form of advertising is word of mouth recommendation. As soon as you get pregnant you crave new information. We spend a month training our new store teams, taking them to our head office in Wales for their first week. It is vital that we are able to offer advice and detailed information on each stage, from pregnancy to pre-school, to our loyal customers. We are the UK’s high street’s independent mother and baby store.

It will be lovely for our royal family to have another baby. New life means new excitement and as we all know Great Britain is an amazing place to live and grow up in. I’m sure the baby will help to promote this fact to the rest of the world, encouraging inward investment and tourists with families. This is great news for British companies like JoJo Maman Bébé which is growing despite the economic downturn and creating safe jobs across the country. We have recently launched an international department and our British designed fashion and products are now selling in 50 countries across the world. Having the global press concentrating on our British royal baby will be good for the entire nursery industry and if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge happen to dress their little angel in JoJo, all the better for our British JoJo designers and our fantastic British JoJo stores.

Congratulations to their Royal Highnesses. And what excitement for all of us.


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