Choosing the right underwear for your pregnancy

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People often complain that maternity and nursing bras are ugly and not sexy enough.

However, the reality is that no matter how much non-pregnant designers may suggest you should stay sexy during your pregnancy, unless you are a real glutton for punishment your underwear decisions will be based on comfort – at least in your third trimester.

Do invest in comfortable underwear

Your bust will generally increase by two back sizes and two cup sizes. Don’t just go up a size, get a proper bra fitting. You may find out you have been wearing the wrong size all your life. Our customer advisors in store are very happy to give you the time needed to find out exactly the right size and style which will be comfortable and supportive. Then when you have checked it out should your size not be available in store you can re-order online with free P&P for a quick delivery.

Look out for extra features

Opt for bras with wide straps to support your new cup size, numerous back adjustors (since your rib cage may expand up to four inches), and extra soft cotton. If you have sensitive nipples choose seamless styles such as the Bravado and Emma Jane seamless bras. If you would like to keep wearing your own bras in the early stages of pregnancy, our bra extenders are great; just clip them on to allow for your expanding rib cage. Our maternity support day and night bra is completely seamless and ideal for extra support under your nightwear, as a sleep bra, during and after pregnancy.

Choose comfort over style when it comes to knickers

When choosing your knickers you may just feel more comfortable in Bridget Jones style pants rather than a sexy little thong, but that is life. Our maternity support knickers are a life saver to many women who suffer from back ache and our maternity support band is a best-seller, providing relief from lower tummy pain as well as back ache. If you do wish to stick with briefs or shorts style knickers, we suggest you go up a size and wear them loose.

Beware of ‘normal’ tights

Tights designed for pregnancy really are a good investment. Of course you can get a bumper pack of supermarket basics in a larger size, but believe me, you will be forever hoiking them up – which will drive you mad! Unless you wish to have wrinkled stockings around the ankles, you need some proper maternity tights which are cut with a wide gusset at the front to accommodate your growing bump.

Leggings are a godsend

Actually the same applies to leggings – whilst it is not essential to buy a specially designed maternity pair, they will fit and last for the nine months of your pregnancy, whereas a pair from your local chain store will almost certainly get pulled out of shape or dig in uncomfortably. Thankfully maternity leggings offer acceptably fashionable attire for the time being and long may it last since they are brilliant in the later stages of pregnancy. Ours are cut with an extra wide comfy bump panel with no elastic to irritate and cut off your circulation. Worn with a cute print shirt dress or a smart knitted dress you will look fresh and on trend.

No matter how large you get (and the reality is that only a few very lucky people stay a perfect size 10 with a bump), it is possible to avoid looking like Vicky Pollard during your pregnancy!

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