Celebrate JoJo Christmas Jumper Day with Love & Compassion

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newport-xmas-boys newport-xmas-girlsWe don’t usually collect for our charity Nema in our stores. But this year we’ve decided to join in the fun with our very own Silly Christmas Jumper Day, kicking off on December 9th. We’ve 80 stores across the UK and Ireland now, so it’s actually quite exciting to work out how much we might be able to raise from your spare change in our collection tins (and if you can’t get to a store next weekend, you can always donate online).

Our charity donations go straight to those in need and we really mean this; we actually know their names. 100% of the money we donate is used to keep gorgeous little ones alive, give them an education and help their mums earn an honest living through our enterprise schemes.

In some cases it goes to help them out when life has just taken the worst possible turn, like poor Amina, mum to little baby Zoura. She was born prematurely and our charity team took her and her mother under their wing as much as is possible in such poor rural conditions where medical support is basic. She got stronger and appeared to be out of risk, growing into a cheeky, sweet little toddler. So it’s just too sad that a couple of weeks after her second birthday she was with her grandmother while her mother walked to work in their small field a few miles away. She started to fit and stopped breathing. Nobody was nearby to help, her grandmother did not know what to do, nobody had a mobile phone to call our motorbike ambulance in time. Sadly Zoura did not recover this time. We will miss her, but her family who are painfully poor and survive by scratching a living out of the unpredictable earth, now they have another burden to bear – the burden of huge loss and sadness.

Our team will once again step in to support as they can and continue their hard work to try to prevent infant mortality. Things are getting so much better, but there is still much more work we need to do and never enough funds to cover it all.
Your donations wont be covering expensive salaries paid to large charity directors (the JoJo team handle the admin during their working day), won’t cover elegant headquarters (we work from our usual offices), won’t pay for flights and accommodation for staff (all our charity employees are local Mozambicans working out of the Guludo Beach Lodge office) and won’t fund marketing and advertising campaigns.  Every penny you put in our pots will go to help amazing people who, through no fault of their own, just happen to be born into one of the poorest parts of the poorest countries in the world.

This is what it costs to help:

  • £1 covers the cost of 4 nutritious school meals
  • £4 will buy a mosquito net for a child or pregnant woman
  • £8 covers the cost of building a latrine which reduces risk of disease
  • £10 will allow us provide a child with safe drinking water
  • £50 covers the weekly costs of one of our motorbike ambulances
  • £260 pays for a year’s boarding secondary school for our scholars

So please support our stores in their effort to make you smile as they wear their very Silly Christmas Jumpers next week and pop your spare pennies in our pots knowing they will be very well spent. We will be giving a yummy prize to the store team who collect the most for our little charity! And remember, if you’re after a new Christmas jumper for your little one, make sure you check out our beautiful collection – but hurry as they sell fast every year!

For more info on the achievements of our house charity, Nema Foundation, please click here.

If you re unable to visit our stores and would like to donate to Nema this Christmas (perhaps instead of sending out Christmas cards, please donate here)


Laura & everyone at JoJo xx

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