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I love being a cartoonist. And I loved drawing cartoons about pregnancy and birth for my latest book Bump. I had so many ideas for cartoons back when I was pregnant, but had never got around to drawing any of them. I did no useful work at all when I was pregnant.

It was a lot like this.

cartoon katecartoon katecartoon kate

Much, much later, after my toddler started nursery, I was able to get all those ideas down on paper which pregnancy had inspired.

Like this one – a situation that is familiar to many pregnant women:cartoon kate

And this one, about those later days of pregnancy where you just can’t get comfy in bed:cartoon kate

There are some aspects of pregnancy that are so crazy, that they can only be fully expressed with the use of some slightly deranged illustrations.

From the very early days of pregnancy, I found that my relationship with food was completely transformed. I knew I needed to eat RIGHT AWAY, but it was always one specific food that I needed, and I couldn’t tell immediately quite what that was.

At this point, a kind of mental fruit machine would begin whirring in my head, and a series of different food suggestions would pass through my mind in succession. Apples? No… Oranges? No…cartoon kate

Radishes! Yes! Lots of radishes!cartoon katecartoon kate

Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the outcome of the fruit machine in advance.cartoon katecartoon katecartoon kate

Kate Evans’s new book Bump: How to make, grow and birth a baby is out now from Myriad Editions. Her website is and she lurks on twitter @cartoonkate.

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