Being a parent is never easy. Whether we work full or part-time or whether we are full time parents; we are bound to get it wrong.

We all know that it is so tricky to be perfect. Actually, we all know it is impossible to be perfect – I just do my best and quite often I don’t think it is good enough so I keep trying harder (or drink a large glass of wine). However, I recently did an interview for Cool Mum Hunting which asked a lot of very personal questions. I bashed out the answers late one night and whilst it shows I’m not the model mum, I think it rings true for a lot of us.

Most of our JoJo blog readers are a good bit younger than I am – with adorable little ones and not huge gangly teenagers. However, my experience is all to come for you and the decision on whether to go back to work or whether to stay at home (if the choice is yours), is something you need to consider. My story may help you decide:

Cool Mum Hunting | JoJo Maman Bebe

I’m definitely NOT perfect but I get huge satisfaction from thinking I’m doing OK and this week the boys are being really nice to me AND I received this email from Layla, one of our Customer Service advisors which made me want to cry!:


Hi Laura,


I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your ‘Inspirational Mum’ interview on the Intranet. I work full time and have two children aged 10 and 14 and can relate to lots of your comments! Most days I get up at 6am come home at 7pm and finally sit down at 9pm and am then in bed at 10.30! It was nice to read more about you and your family life; I’ve often wondered how you cope with running JoJo and having a family. From your interview you seem to have created a good balance. I can tell you are a very energetic person who does not stop (from when I’ve seen you in Newport). I especially like the advice you gave about not spoiling your children in compensation for not being at home with them. There are so many times I have felt guilty for not being home when they come in from school each day or not putting them to bed (when I originally worked 4-8 all week). The worst was when it suddenly dawned on me I didn’t know how many sausages they each had for tea!!! As mine are now a bit older it has become easier and they are aware why both my husband and I work hard and are not home at times.

 Life as a working Mum is difficult and challenging but I wouldn’t swap it for the world; I think I would be a different person if I was an at home Mum! More organised though and probably with a tidier house!!!   I too encourage eating in the dining room at the table and am a stickler for healthy meals; I like you am vegetarian and along with going to the gym after work about 4 nights a week try to live a healthy lifestyle and portray this to my children. They are both very sporty and hopefully will carry this on as a hobby.

 You are an inspiration; I wish I had your determination and business head. I have been here 9 years now and thoroughly enjoy my job; Christine is a great friend as well as a boss!

 Sorry for rambling on; just wanted to let you know how lovely it was to read more about you and learn at how you cope with motherhood and running JoJo.

 Thanks.  Layla



WOW – THANK YOU Layla … I’m humbled to have you as part of the JoJo team.



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1 comment for “Being a parent is never easy. Whether we work full or part-time or whether we are full time parents; we are bound to get it wrong.

  1. lucy
    11/11/2012 at 1:41 pm

    Just reading this on a break at work (also JoJo). Such a breath of fresh air to hear how working mums really cope and not the stories about how perfectly everything is going that I often hear at baby groups! I only work part time due to childcare costs but hopefully I am getting a good balance too… a new(ish) mum its hard to know but people tell me I’m doing a great job. Thanks for making me feel good about what I’m doing :)

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