Banish the Bedtime Blues

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Putting little ones to bed needn’t be a chore with the right bedtime products. We’re not promising miracles, but hopefully our tips will help give you a few more precious hours in bed.

comforterRabbit Comforters
Whether you’re buying for a gift or for your own baby, our bestselling rabbit comforters are a good place to start. Soft, cuddly and with a friendly little face, this sweet rabbit is sure to become a firm favourite.

With the days finally getting longer, you might want to think about investing in some blackout blinds for the nursery. Or, if your curtains already block out enough light, try BlindSides light blockers. They block the pesky slither of light that peeks through from the edges, meaning complete darkness – and hopefully a longer sleep!

Babymoov Lovenest Pillow
The Babymoov Lovenest keeps newborns comfy while helping to prevent flat head syndrome, giving you one less thing to worry about. And because it can be used in cots, bouncers or Moses baskets, it really is a handy piece of kit you won’t want to be without.

Elephant Print Swaddle
Gorgeous design and practical too – our elephant print swaddles help soothe newborns by providing them with a snug and secure environment to sleep in. Easier to use than a traditional swaddling blanket but with the same cosy effect, this is a must for parents who favour swaddling.

Pabobo Star Projector
Create a magical scene in your little one’s bedroom to help soothe them to sleep. The Pabobo projector creates a starry sky on the ceiling and plays soft music, helping babies fall asleep. Economic, practical and with an automatic turn-off function, it’s easy to see why it’s a hit with parents too.

Baby Lambskin
Many babies will sleep longer on a baby fleece and it’s not hard to see why. Cosy wool provides a calming texture for babies to rest on and is naturally insulating, keep little ones warm in winter and cool in summer. The JoJo baby lambskin is made from silky New Zealand fleece and is even perfect from birth.

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