Back To Work or, Learning Not to Keep Pressing Snooze

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Rewind 6 years and work day mornings consisted of hitting the snooze button several times followed by a total panic getting showered, dressed and a blatant disregard for any sort of sensible breakfast. Four years ago and mornings were spent in a haze of breastfeeding, playgroups and coffee mornings.

These days my weekday mornings are run with military precision, with preparations starting the night before. The difference between then and now being that not only do I now have two children to get up and ready for school on time, I have recently returned to work so have to get myself to the office on time and looking vaguely presentable.

Last September my eldest child went into Year 1 and my youngest started nursery class. And with them being in the same place for much of the same time it seemed like the perfect time to return to work. I did work for a spell between having my two children, however when my daughter came along – having two in nursery was just too expensive. So the extra income was much needed and frankly I was very keen to start doing something for myself.

It had been quite a few years since I had updated my CV but with the aid of Google and some helpful friends I managed to get one together that actually looked rather respectable. I started to look for a part-time role and actually they weren’t as scarce as I thought they may be (indeed, there are some websites that just specialize in part-time recruitment) but matching the specifics of the role to my experience was a bit more of a struggle. But then I saw the job for me. Here at JoJo in fact, in the Marketing Department. The company was ideal (I am a previous customer of theirs and love the brand) as were the hours and plus it wasn’t too far from home – perfect.  And would you believe it – I was offered the job!

So, I am happy to report that one month in, all is well. I am starting to settle into my new role here at JoJo – very much helped by having lovely colleagues.  And things at home are settling down into my military routine too, quite how I would have managed without creating a plethora of lists detailing who has got to be where and whom, I don’t know. But it seems to be working. I am happy and my children are happy – perfect!

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1 comment for “Back To Work or, Learning Not to Keep Pressing Snooze

  1. Lyndsey O'Neill
    19/02/2013 at 9:58 am

    Where are these part time jobs? I am looking for a part time job that fits in with school hours and with a wage that makes it worthwhile. I can’t seem to find any and if I do, then there are at least 30 other applicants! More needs to be done to help mums return to part time work!

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