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Awards ceremonies appear to continue to be all the rage; in fact there was a time when we could have spent a day a week entering competitions. Since we are now a ‘mature’ company – this being our 20th year – we don’t really think that we need the publicity generated by winning an award. What’s more, whilst not wishing to sound too blasé, we have won all the awards we wanted to and feel it is time for others to have the glory, plus I enjoy my new position as a judge more often than a competitor.

Since you don’t generally win anything unless you enter the competition, when we DO win something out of the blue, I have to admit it is really quite nice. Recently our fabulous 4-in-1 Jacket won the New York Gift Fair Design Award (runner up) and we were seriously flattered. It is an incredible design (beautifully made and really practical) and I think the prize was well deserved. What is more, if any of you have ever been to the New York Gift Fair and seen how many thousands of exhibitors are there and how many stunning designs you will find – you too would be very proud of being a winner.

4-in-1 polarfleece jacket

Our 4-in-1 Jacket was a winner of the New York Gift Fair 2013 Design Awards


4-in-1 polarfleece jacket kids

Our 4-in-1 jacket is so versatile

On a personal level, last Friday night, at a very glam affair in Cardiff, I was honoured to receive a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award, from Welsh Women Mean Business. When first notified that I had been voted to be given this prestigious accolade, I wondered if I should be offended or elated? I really do hope that despite my 46 years (and 30 years of running my own businesses) that I am not at the end of the road. In fact I really feel that with absolutely no plans to retire, and still harbouring a massive amount of ambition and energy, I will get a lot more done before I settle into slippers and rocking chair by the fire.

So thank you WWMB for the Lifetime Achievement award but please could you rename it the ‘Lifetime Achievement (so far) Award’?

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