Ambulances, Finally – Part 2

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Driver testing:  interesting, the first guy (aptly named number one) went pretty well.  Number 2 started badly and got better.  Number 5 couldn’t get the bike started, and number 7 didn’t get out of the parking area, but he made a nice circle. So, number 1, 2 and 4 it was, off go the team to investigate their “comportamento”.  Sadly number 1 did not pass, the Guludo midwife and the ladies of the village do not trust him to keep a secret, and I can see why after he bothered us all day yesterday whilst we were working at the health post.  So, number 2 and number 4, get a 2 month trial period.  Drivers:  check.

motorbike ambulance 11

Number 1: nice driving, “mal comportamento”

Next job:  getting the bike into Guludo Health Post.  Widen the door and make a ramp.  Abacar is pretty busy at the Crimize School right now so without taking him away from that priority I offered to pay him a bit extra to work on his day off and widen the door of the health post.  No one here turns down extra money so we set off on Sunday for a mammoth 11 hours of door expanding and ramp building. As it had taken a while, aided by my lovely drawings, to get Abacar to understand which door I wanted to widen, I decided to make sure I was there before the first bricks were destroyed to ensure that we both had the same idea.
motorbike 12

Wide enough for ambulances to pass through.

Fresh from Crimize Abacar, Mussa and unnamed friend of Mussa who came along to help, plus girl to carry water, expanded the door and built the ramp.  Carpenter contracted and door fitted the same day.
motorbike 13
Access over the big step to be considered last thing Abacar lovingly made a ramp to push the bike up and down.  An unusually heavy May rainstorm destroyed the beautiful surface but Manuel, Amina and Abudu are spending this week beautifying the Health Post and Manuel can mix cement well enough to make good repairs.  I didn’t want to show Abacar the pictures of his lovely ramp.
motorbike 14

Abacar finishes the ramp.

Proper introduction of the ambulances draws close…

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