6 ways to save money when you’re having a baby

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According to research, parents spend up to £10,000 in their baby’s first year, which is probably not what you want to hear so soon after your bank account has taken a massive hit from Christmas and you have a little one on the way. But fear not, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you save pennies or even pounds along the way.

Borrow as much as you can
It’s natural to feel as though you need all the latest, brand-spanking new kit to get things off to a great start. Keep in mind Moses baskets get outgrown at an alarming rate and you might discover that you just can’t get on with your breast pump and end up chucking it out of the window in frustration. If you’re lucky enough to have friends or relatives offering to lend you bits and pieces, accept them. It could save you a small fortune and your loved ones will feel helpful.

Don’t buy in huge amounts
Resist the urge to stockpile, even when it comes to nappies and wipes. You might find you buy loads from one brand, only to inevitably discover you prefer another, leaving you with a lot of unused supplies.

Make the most of freebies
Get your hands on all the loyalty cards and you’ll soon rack up enough points to spend on stuff you need. The trusty Boots card is one of the most generous, and means you can save money on the countless baby wipes you’ll get through (or splash your points on a new concealer to cover up your sleepless nights-induced dark circles).

Sell anything you don’t need
All those cute, tiny outfits will be outgrown before you know it, and you’ll be amazed at how much stuff you never end up using. Sell anything you don’t need – it’s a good idea to keep labels on new clothes until you actually use them as unworn items will fetch a better price. Baby equipment will also sell better if it’s in the box, so keep those too if you have the space.

Go natural
The average baby will require around £1,300 worth of disposable nappies which is a hell of a lot for something that will soon enough wind up in the bin. Although not for everyone, cloth nappies cost a fraction of the amount and mean you’re sending less rubbish to landfill. Alternatively, look into a reusable nappy service which washes and delivers – not only do councils often offer financial incentives to make the switch, you can also feel smug about doing your bit for the environment.

Know where you should spend money
Cheapest isn’t always best – it’s often cheap for a reason. Do your research and choose the kit that will be the most efficient for you. Whether that’s a larger capacity steriliser that lets you get through more bottles before starting the endless process again or a double breast pump that will halve your pumping time, don’t rush into making purchases just because they’re on special offer.

Did you discover any of your own money-saving tactics when you had your baby? Be sure to comment below to share your wisdom.

Image: Blue And Pink Piggy Banks by Ken Teegardin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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