10 Perfect Maternity Gift Ideas this Christmas

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1. A super versatile maternity cardigan to wear four different ways and makes the perfect cover-up for breastfeeding when the baby arrives.

4 way maternity cardigan
Order our bestselling 4-Way Maternity Cardigan to keep the mum-to-be warm and cosy this winter. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


2. A stylish mini changing mat to pop into a handbag, making on-the-go nappy changes quick and easy.

changing mat
A foldable Mini Changing Mat provides a clean and safe surface for changing wherever you are, and even has pockets for nappies and wipes, making it essential for quick trips out. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


3. A pretty maternity nightdress to help make bedtime more comfortable, which will also come in useful for night feeds later on.

night dress
With its feminine print and lace detailing, our Polka Dot Maternity Nightdress makes a welcome change from old baggy T-shirts. It comes with drop-down clips so sleepy night time feeds are a little easier. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


4. A pack of absorbent muslin cloths that will become possibly the most useful gift she will receive.

nautical muslins
New mothers will soon find that muslin cloths are her best friend; they can be used to mop up dribble, as a burp cloth, as an impromptu changing mat…but our Nautical Printed Muslins are extra special. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


5. Or choose an extra large version to use as a versatile nursing or pram cover.

Large enough to use as a cover to provide privacy and modesty when breastfeeding, our generously sized muslins are even more versatile. The breathable fabric also means it’s suitable for providing shade over a stroller (but remember to monitor your child and never allow them to overheat). (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


6. A versatile, flattering dress to boost confidence during and after pregnancy.

wrap dress
Our Maternity & Nursing Wrap dress is designed to be adjusted to the body as it goes through its changes – throughout pregnancy and also for breastfeeding, via hidden feeding slits. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


7. A baby lambskin rug made from silky New Zealand fleece that not only looks great in any home but also helps babies sleep better.

lambskin rug
Choose our impossibly soft Baby Lambskin for a versatile gift. Used simply as a rug, it looks fantastic in neutrally-decorated homes but also provides an ideal surface for babies to sleep on, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


8. A handy bottle bag to keep bottles cool when out and about, which hangs on the buggy, saving crucial space in the baby changing bag.

bottle bag
Stylish and practical, the insulated Skip-Hop Double Bottle Bag allows parents to safely transport bottles. And because it attaches to stroller handles, it’s always within reach, meaning you don’t have to try and cram it into the baby bag. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


9.A Breton striped blanket is just the thing for snuggling with on chilly nights, and is really stylish too – perfect for adults and little people too.

breton blanket
Made from 100% cotton, our Breton Striped Blanket is super cosy and suitable for sensitive skin, making it ideal for new babies too. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)


10. And…if you can’t decide what to buy, opt for our trusty gift card (some of the proceeds go to charity so you’ll be doing two good deeds at once!)

JoJo gift vouchers are available via mail or email, allowing total flexibility, and we give 5% of gift card sales directly to our in-house charity, Nema. (Shop UK here) (Shop US here)

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