Transforming your Garden Shed into a Playhouse

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Once your children start to get a little older it’s great for them to have their own space to play and have fun with new friends that they make once they start school.

A wooden playhouse is perfect for this!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, then below are great ideas on how you can convert a Garden Shed into every child’s dream play area.


Little children love pretend play!

Our Wooden Toys are great for a child’s imagination to really run wild.

Create a gorgeous Café using a great selection of our Wooden Toys below.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen


This product is great for both boys and girls!

It has that traditional ‘American Diner’ feel to it, with the red and white pattern, and has some fun features, such as the pretend tap and oven so your child will have endless hours of fun pretending to cook in their kitchen!

It’s also a great way for them to socialise and play with friends.


Toy Coffee Machine

espresso machine

Add the Toy Coffee Machine to your child’s pretend kitchen for that extra ‘grown-up’ touch!

This product is wonderfully detailed, with colourful pods to insert in the removable filter and even a milk frother!

It will match perfectly with the Farmhouse Style Kitchen colour scheme!

Fun Food

Pretend food can create endless possibilities with young children…

Picnic Basket with Wooden Food


This picnic basket is adorable for when young children play together.

Not only does it look beautiful with the excellent attention to detail on all the items but it can also teaches children to play nicely and share; as they serve up pretend food and drinks.

It can also be a fun way for children to enjoy playing outside near their Wooden Playhouse.

Honeybake – Create your own pizza


Children will love our Honeybake Create your own pizza!

This product allows children to create their pizza by choosing their own combination of toppings, all of which are Velcro. (Sounds fun!).

This is a great addition to the Farmhouse Kitchen!

Cake Shop

Convert your Wooden Playhouse into an adorable Cake Shop or extend your child’s pretend kitchen with a dessert section, the possibilities are endless!

Our products perfect for this:

Cupcake and Meringue Stand Set




High Tea Cake Stand


high tea

Le Toy Van Wooden Biscuit Set


Wooden Sheds

Tiger Sheds are a fantastic online company that specialise in Garden Buildings. Below are a great selection of their Wooden Playhouses that we think would be perfect to transform into a beautiful Nursery.

sheds 1


Share your images of your transformed playhouses with us using the hashtag #JoJoPlayHouse

sheds 2

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