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Couple with a map on road trip
Forgotten passports? Lost luggage? To celebrate the arrival of summer, we want to hear your travel mishaps. Comment below with yours – our favourite holiday hiccup will win £100/€100 to spend at JoJo! To get you started, we asked some of the JoJo London team for theirs – surprisingly (or not) they mostly involve embarrassing dads…


Dodgy language skills
We had a huge family holiday, 10 of us all together. We were driving through Spain with two cars following each other, we started to get lost and my dad decided to get out of the car and ask a local for help.

My aunt was in the car behind and speaks fluent Spanish, however she was driving and unable to get out to help my dad. He was having problems communicating to them and said “Maggie speaka Spanish” in the worst accent you ever heard. My Nan was next to me (partly deaf) and asked ‘Did Kevin just say Maggie speaka Spanish?!’

Forever my dad is never allowed to speak to other people on holiday, complete embarrassment! – Lauren, Graphics


Don’t lose your shorts
My dad thought his swimming shorts had fallen out of his bag when we were on a really busy bus in Turkey. With it being 35 degress, he kicked up a huge fuss but once we had gotten to the beach, he opened up the sun shade and they fell right onto his head. After the drama he had caused, the look on his face was priceless. 5 years later, we still say ‘where’s my shorts?!’ – Christie, PR


Try before you buy
Growing up every summer my family would go on holiday with my best friends family. Peter, my best friends dad, was asked by his wife Jo to go and buy some sandals at the airport. Peter tried on one sandal on one foot without going for a mini walk, he decided they were the perfect sandal and he bought them.

Many hours later we arrived in Croatia, to a beautiful villa high up on the cliff with around 50 steps down to the beach. Peter put on his sandals and proceeded to walk to the beach, but he couldn’t! his sandals were most uncomfortable and completely rigid and it was almost impossible for him to walk. Needless to say, Jo was very cross at Peter for not trying on his sandals properly in the shop and he’s never been allowed to go shopping alone again. – Olivia, PR


Time you got a watch
We went on a family holiday and arrived late at night. The next morning my dad was up, all sprightly, and asked my half-asleep mum what the time was, and she muttered ‘10am’. He went down to the hotel restaurant on the hunt for breakfast, only to find it empty. He had a massive go at the staff about how late they were putting out the food, and really lost his temper. He carried on ranting and raving, and only realised his mistake when they said it was actually noon and breakfast had long finished – mum had forgotten to put her watch forward! It was the one time in my life I have seen my dad genuinely embarrassed. – Bassmah, E-commerce


Now over to you…comment below with your holiday hiccup to be in with a chance of winning £100/€100 to spend at JoJo

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1 comment for “Share your holiday hiccup

  1. Laura
    10/06/2017 at 10:22 am

    When my boys were little we always took holidays with our friends the Cokers – often skiing. Getting 6 kids under 10 onto the slopes in the mornings – with hats, boots, skis, poles, gloves, suncream, passes, etc etc – is a bloody nightmare! Inevitably one or the other of them would be missing something. Once Toby spent the whole day without his poles and managed pretty well, another time Ben forgot his googles but I gave him mine and skied with tears streaming down my face as I squinted into the sun.

    But the funiest time of all was when we had almost reached the very top of the mountain and Ali and I were chatting happily – relieved that the stressy bit of the day was over and we were about to have a glorious time with our little ones. I looked across at them chattering excitedly as the cable car swooped over a ravine and noticed – that Charlie was all togged out in boots, helmet, goggles, ski jacket and … PYJAMA BOTTOMS!!!

    Needless to say I skiied on with the 5 little ones and poor Ali had to take Charlie back to the challey to get his salopette on, missing most of the morning. :-(

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