JoJo to Donate to Nepalese Emergency Fund

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As you know we are dedicated to our in house charity Nema, which works to relieve child poverty in rural Mozambique. There is so much we can do to help and there are never sufficient funds to do as much as we would like. However, when we heard this week that there had been yet another earthquake in Nepal we felt we must do something. Our friends in Africa need us, but so do the Nepalese.

Sam Wagenaar is an old friend of mine who has recently moved to the country with her new baby and toddler. Before becoming a mum she worked in the city and before working in the city she launched a little charity to look after this tiny school found deep in the Himalayan mountains. She made friends with the local people whilst travelling and has never faltered in her support. At this time her charity needs funds badly. We know that by donating to small charity the money will go directly to those in need.

If you feel you can support Laxmi in any way please donate directly via the ‘Donate Now’ button below, or text ‘NEMA’ to 70660 to donate £5. For the next 4 weeks we will divert our text collections for Nema to Laxmi in their time of need.

  • £5 buys 100 pencils
  • £10 buys sack of 25 kg rice
  • £20 buys 10 school sweaters
  • £100 funds a 4×4 jeep to go up country to bring supplies
  • £500 rebuilds a home

I asked Sam to write a little blog about Laxmi and her charity, please see below.

The Himalayan country of Nepal has been hit for the second time in three weeks by a powerful earthquake. Thousands of people lost their lives, thousands of people are injured and thousands of people have been made homeless. This has created an enormous national crisis which will take the country and its lovely kind hearted people not only months but years to recover from.

The Laxmi Support Foundation, founded in 2006 in The Netherlands, has been supporting a children’s home in Bhaktapur and three primary schools in other districts. Our diverse projects are small, but manageable, direct and efficient. We make sure that our volunteers have direct contact with the builder, tailor, painter, electrician or shopkeeper. Over the last ten years we have successfully organized a number of projects. We renovated two schools, set up water supplies to the schools, provided school uniforms and reading and writing materials, sponsored the celebrations of several holy festivals for the children of the orphanage and funded doctor’s and dentist treatments. Laxmi Support has built up long lasting friendships and a useful knowledge of Nepali culture that makes it possible for us to maintain and revisit the projects over the last ten years.

Gopini's house before the earthquake

Gopini’s house before the earthquake

Gopini's house after the earthquake

Gopini’s house after the earthquake

One of the schools is located in the Nuwakot district that has been badly affected by the two earthquakes and dozens of aftershocks. Almost all of the houses are flattened, and the students and their families are in great need of shelter, food, medicine and new homes. Laxmi Support will travel to Kathmandu in July and will spend four weeks bringing relief to our projects, in particular the Nuwakot area. Also, we are raising funds and awareness for Nepal and will continue doing so when the world’s attention moves on to other crises and leaves Nepal once again all alone.

School in Nuwakot district before the earthquake

School in Nuwakot district before the earthquake

Nepal and its people are a big part of the founders of Laxmi Support, it’s our second home and it’s where we have built long lasting memories and friendships with the people there. We feel more determined then ever to support Nepal over the coming years and help rebuild Nepal to what it once was. One of the world’s poorest countries yet blessed with some of the finest people living an enormously rewarding and happy life among some of the finest medieval cities and landscapes in Asia.

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