Children Say The Funniest Things

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The festive season is well and truly over. It always amazes me how quickly it goes by, January arrives and before we know it we are all firmly back into our usual routines.

Secretly I am always quite pleased about this, I am not a huge fan of Christmas as everyone who knows me well will say. I don’t like the commerciality and the way that the celebrations begin in earnest as soon as December 1st arrives. But I do enjoy the gatherings of family and friends with the chance this brings to reminisce. I don’t have children of my own but I am lucky enough to have a niece and two nephews who like nothing better than to hear the stories of when their parents were growing up.

This always leads on to my sister and I remembering the funny things that they have said and done since they were babies too.

I remember coming down to breakfast one morning at Christmas when my niece was no more than three and overhearing a conversation between her and her Grandma. She was asking why marmalade was called marmalade and being early in the morning and not prepared for random questions my mother’s reply was obviously not a good enough one for her. She simply said “well then, we could call it Jennifer”. As far as we knew she had never met anyone called Jennifer but it was very confusing for the next person to come down to breakfast and ask for the marmalade to be passed, only to be told that they should be asking for the Jennifer!

In a similar vein, when she was told that she had a new baby brother, she announced – we could call him Pat. Well, the postman with his black and white cat was her number one story at the time.


We would love to hear the little gems that your children have come out with. There must be thousands of really funny anecdotes out there. Why not share some of your stories with us.

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1 comment for “Children Say The Funniest Things

  1. Sarah McDona
    27/01/2012 at 12:29 am

    I am like you and although I enjoy Christmas I do not enjoy the over commercial side of things especially when you walk into a supermarket in early October and the Christmas decorations are up!

    I have quite a few funny anecdotes that my children have said over the years the first one that springs to mind is when my second child was born and we opted for a delivery where I just delivered in hospital and came straight out afterwards if only I had realised the joy of home births at this point. I put my daughter to bed in early labour and laboured through the night. Once my friend arrived to look after my daughter we left for the hospital my first son was born as soon as we got to the hospital and it wasn’t long after, that we came home. When we arrived home she had just woke up so I quickly went through to get her whilst my other half put the carseat down by the front door . When my daughter came running through she noticed the carseat by the door and shouted Mummy, Daddy the postman’s been and delivered a baby!! Come and see!

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