Becoming a new parent got us started with JoJo, now it’s your turn…

invent-with-tom-bannerIt’s a misconception that I started JoJo when I became pregnant. In fact the idea for my new business came to me following a near fatal car crash which resulted in a few weeks in hospital with 20 broken bones. I was on the way to sell my French business and had little idea about what to do next, other than I would be starting another fashion company. My ward neighbour was a long term sick young mum who was valiantly trying to buy clothes for her two toddlers by mail order from her hospital bed. The lack of choice 22 years ago prompted me to think I could do better and the concept for our French nautical inspired fashion range was born.

Equally, when I did have my first son Ben, I spent the long sleepless nights thinking about how to make life as a parent a little easier. In those early days we introduced many brilliant ideas such as our Baby Sleeping Bags (which stopped Ben kicking off the covers, getting cold and waking up crying), Breastfeeding Tops and Dresses (which kept the old disgusted anti-breastfeeding in public dinosaurs quiet) and our brilliant Pocket High Chair (which kept my fractious toddler still when out and about). The ideas kept flowing.

My ‘little ones’ are now 6’3” gorgeous teenagers now so we need your help! I hate the word ‘mumpreneur’ but it does capture the fact the when you are a new parent you are also full of entrepreneurial ideas.

So last year we teamed up with Tom Pellereau, past Winner of the Apprentice, inventor himself and basically All-Round-Good-Chap. Tom has little ones and is the perfect person to help us gather up the UK’s best new baby product inventors and help you bring you genius ideas to market.

With the help of the Invent with Tom team, we will select three of your product ideas, give you some help in how to make them commercially viable (if they are not already there), write about them on our Community, put them to the vote and the very best will be given the impossibly useful start in life by being stocked in our 70 stores across the UK and Ireland, popped on our website and in our catalogue.

If you know ANYONE with a new product which is suitable for the maternity, baby or toddler market make sure you let them know about Invent with Tom and their chance to turn their brilliant idea into a household name.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving you some ideas and tips on how to turn your idea into a commercially viable product which could be stocked in our stores and possibly across the world!

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