11 style emergencies and how to fix them

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Picture the scene. You’ve turned up to your best friend’s wedding – you’ve got a fabulous new dress on that makes you feel a million dollars and you’ve just treated yourself to a pedicure – you’re feeling good. So, just imagine the horror when you visit the lady’s room, go to fasten said fabulous dress and – nothing. The zip won’t move. It’s stuck. Rather than suffer in silence or let your wardrobe malfunction get the better of you, make sure you arm yourself with our tips on how to deal with the most common fashion emergencies.


THE PROBLEM: Your zip is stuck

THE FIX: Rub a bar of soap along the zip’s teeth to slowly work it free. Liquid soap won’t work as well but can still be used if you’re desperate! Just be careful not to get it on the fabric to avoid staining. If your clothing is dark in colour, try using a pencil to help loosen things.


THE PROBLEM: Your jumper has gone bobbly after being in the bottom of your bag

THE FIX: If your jumper has started to pill, make it look a little less scruffy by arming yourself with a razor. Gently run it along the surface to remove bobbles, but be careful not to create any holes.


THE PROBLEM: You’ve spilt coffee on your dress

THE FIX: The sooner you treat a coffee stain, the better. If you can, remove dress and flush the stain with cold water from the back. If not, blot with a white napkin. It’s important you don’t use hot water as this can set the stain. Keep blotting then sprinkle the stain with salt and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing while rubbing the area between your fingers. Repeat until the stain disappears.



THE FIX: Simply wet the creased area and stand under a hand dryer while gently smoothing out the wrinkles


THE PROBLEM: Static is making your skirt cling

THE FIX: Grab some hairspray and spritz the offending area – it’ll quickly lose its static charge.


THE PROBLEM: You’ve just realised your cat has slept on your black jacket

THE FIX: If you don’t have a lint roller to hand, try and get hold of some sticky tape. Wind it around your hand with the sticky side facing out and blot it over the hairs until you can’t see them.


THE PROBLEM: There’s makeup on your collar

THE FIX: Gently dab the area with a baby wipe, or a damp warm cloth with hand soap to carefully lift the stain.


THE PROBLEM: Your cardigan has caught on something sharp and snagged

THE FIX: Use a closed pen and push the nib through the snag into the inside of the cardigan. Knot the snag and dab a bit of clear nail varnish to secure.


THE PROBLEM: Your bra wire is poking out

THE FIX: You might need to raid the first aid kit or pop into a pharmacy, but a little moleskin tape can keep an underwire in its place until you manage to get another bra. Just push the wire through and secure with the tape.


THE PROBLEM: There are scuff marks on your suede shoes

THE FIX: Gently file off marks with a nail file, but be careful not to shave off the fabric itself. Works for suede bags and jackets too.


THE PROBLEM: You’ve sat in chewing gum

THE FIX: Ask the waiter for some ice cubes and a butter knife. Put the ice cubes on the affected area (you might need to get yourself to the bathroom and remove the piece of clothing). If you can, leave them there for up to 30 mins until the gum hardens, and scrape off with the knife.


Have you ever suffered a style mishap? Let us know your best fashion fixes in the comments section below!

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